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  1. rudy43norvelle

    Great Work by Two Feathers

    I had Two Feathers make me a knife and sheath and boy did they come out great! I have bought a few items from him and the workmanship and attention to detail have all been top notch. I would have no problem buying anything else from him, in fact I am thinking something up right now.
  2. rudy43norvelle

    Than You Two Feathers

    I just received the Powder Horn Strap from Two Feathers. As normal the workmanship is first rate and I know when I need something else from him it will be outstanding.
  3. rudy43norvelle

    Brown Bess on the way.

    I ordered a Pedersoli Brown Bess from Dixie Gun Works and am now waiting for it. I have a cutdown 1740 Brown Bess from Loyalist Arms and now qould like a nicer Musket.
  4. rudy43norvelle

    Two Feathers did it again.

    I ordered a Ball Bag from Two Feathers. Even though it was a small item he did, as usual, a great job on it. He does very good work no matter what the cost of the item is. I will be going back to him again, that is for sure.
  5. rudy43norvelle

    Two Feathers did it again.

    I ordered a short starter from Two Feathers and received it yesterday. As usual the workmanship was excellent. I will have no problem with ordering items from him again. :thumb:
  6. rudy43norvelle

    two Feathers is great.

    I ordered a .54 Cal. Ball Block from Two Feathers and received it a couple of days ago. Just wanted to say that he did a great job. It wasn't an expensive item, but he still did a very nice job making it.
  7. rudy43norvelle

    Two Feathers

    I received my knife and scabbard today. I must say the workmanship is great! We are lucky to have people who are able to make such good things here on this forum. :thumb:
  8. rudy43norvelle

    Items From Two Feathers

    I ordered a patch knife and possibles bag from Two Feathers. I received them both today. The workmanship on both is great! I am quite happy with them. Thank you.
  9. rudy43norvelle

    Hello from Kalifornia

    I just joined the group. I shot Black Powder quite a bit in my younger years and now only go once in a while. I just bought a Lyman Great Plains Rifle and will be getting to the range soon. In did quite a bit of Civil War Skirmish shooting in the 1980s and then became interested in Civil War...