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  1. Peregrine

    Flintlock Hawken Squirrel Rifle?

    After reading the post by @markh about his squirrel rifle build, I started thinking about a halfstock lightweight barrel .36 caliber flintlock 'Hawken' squirrel rifle. Does anyone know of someone building something like that? I know their are some people making percussions. That might be a...
  2. Peregrine

    My Kibler Colonial .54 Arrived Today!

    I ordered it on May 13 and it arrived today USPS (in perfect condition). The entire process from order to arrival was seamless and very professional. I also ordered some supplies last week from them and they also got here very quickly. The rifle was packaged very well with everything taped and...
  3. Peregrine

    Good morning everyone!

    Good morning from Conestoga Pennsylvania (Lancaster county). My brother-in-law 'Flanders' directed me to this site. I have been a BP fan for 35 years starting with a TC Hawken and slowly moving backwards in time and authenticity. I just bought a .62 smoothbore and I am excited to get it in the...