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  1. Dutch7

    I found "Two Feathers" in North Carolina

    While rummaging around a North Carolina store full of odd and ends I came across a likeness of @Two Feathers complete with two knives. Having never met the man but looking air his avatar I think it is pretty close... what say you?
  2. Dutch7

    Pregnant Doe

    Next door neighbor shot a doe Friday night behind the house and discovered a fawn about the size of his palm. He said of all the deer he has taken that was a first for him, I've never seen one in any of my doe or maybe I just never noticed one, I just shuck all that to the side and never study...
  3. Dutch7

    Belt Knife from Tallpine

    I purchased this belt knife from Tallpine and it arrived today. It is completely awesome and so well made I cannot believe it. The hand stitched sheath fits like a glove - I will be carrying this on my belt with pride. Thanks Tallpine Belt
  4. Dutch7

    Smoothbore makes meat

    Shot this one yesterday in NW PA with a self built gun. .530 PRB - 80 gr 3F