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    2nd and 3rd Gen Colt Percussion Revolvers

    Does anyone know what the current market value of 2nd and 3rd Gen Colt Percussion revolvers is? I have several NIB. I know full well the history of both. I only need an educated guess.
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    L&R Locks

    There was some discussion at the Friendship NMLRA National Matches as to why L&R didn’t have their booth open during the Spring matches. They didn’t show up to fix the all the broken locks this time which left some customers unable to shoot. There was a rumor that they couldn’t afford the gas.
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    Muzzle Velocity

    Does anyone know what the muzzle velocity of a .40 caliber PRB is with 60 grains of 3FG from a 42” barrel?
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    The 1853 Enfield

    After months of solitary brooding I have decided that the English had the best looking muzzle loading service rifle in the world, the 1853 Enfield with all its variations. Perhaps the .451 Whitworth was the best of show since beauty is as beauty does. Following up on that came the Lee...
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    Swiss Diopter Rear Sight

    Anyone have any experience with this sight as mounted on Pedersoli Mortimer rifles? Dixie Gun Works has the sight. The .451 Mortimer they have in stock also has my attention. Any thoughts on this?
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    Bore polishing for a .54 Smooth Rifle

    Gentlemen, kindly advise me on the proper way to hone my new .54/28 ga bore. I looked in it with a borescope and it needs some final polish.
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    Help on loading shot.

    I need some advice on how much powder and shot to load in a .54 Smooth Rifle. Wads, etc. I’m an old ML rilfle gun shooter who just traded for a splendid smooth rifle and am captivated by it. Thanks
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    Excellent Vendor Service

    We placed an order for patch boxes with Muzzleloaders Builders Supply in Aberdeen, Idaho on Friday afternoon at 4:30 Pm EST. It arrived here on the south east coast on the following Monday morning. Same day shipping, postage was $8.50. I am one satisfied customer.
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    L & R out of business?

    There is a rumor afoot that L&R has closed shop or sold out. The website is no longer there. I know about the poor quality issues and just wonder if it caught up with them?
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    FOR SALE Colt’s 3rd Gen Dragoon

    Signature Series with full fluted cylinder, silver plated backstrap with Sam Colt’s signature engraved on it. Colt ROYAL BLUE finish. Third model In the original box with no papers. Apparently unfired. Very few of the 3rd generation 3rd Model Dragoon’s were made with full fluted cylinders...
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    Heart Shaped Inlay Question

    Does anyone know the significance of the ‘Bleeding Heart’ inlay that we see on so many original Longrifles?
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    Help with identifying rifle maker.

    Does anyone know of a rifle maker named R.A. Noyes? I have a splendid copy of a John Noll flintlock dated 1984 with his name inscribed on it. Any good information will be sincerely appreciated.
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    FOR SALE For Sale

    I have a new Chambers Early Ketland lock for sale. Still in the bag. $150.00 Thanks, Cpt Flint here.
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    Haddaway Lock.

    Can anyone out there tell me about a Haddaway Lock? Are they more valuable than a Siler?
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    Hello The Camp!

    Greetings and Salutations from an old Flintocker. We're new to posting and enjoy the forum. Cap'n Flint here.