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    Hello from St.Louis, Missouri

    Welcome from Pa..
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    No Such Rifle !

    Good work.
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    New to forum

    Welcome from Pa..
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    Trade gun vent position

    Dremel type tools , are excellent tools , ya' just have to learn where they are appropriate , and how to use them. I don't use brand name Dremel tools , 'cause they're too expensive for my tastes. I destroyed perhaps 4 of them over 40 yrs., and finally local hardware stores began handling...
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    Shooting Yesterday

    Lucky dude. , you got to shoot......My hunting buddy , and I , have to go to camp , and unplug the waste pipe to the septic tank. No practice shooting until that mission complete. Had some city folk at camp , think they put some paper body wipes in the waste pipe.. Dumb a$$e$ think...
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    New member

    Welcome from Pa.
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    Lead Shrinkage Question

    I have a lead hardness tester, but too old and lazy to use it. I just sort through my lead supply , and pick out the "thumbnail test" , soft stuff. I stick with my 20 0r so , Lee molds , 'cause they always are true to size.. Works good enough for me. Lyman has lost a lot of sales over...
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    Has anyone used 1F in a rifle ?

    I tried 1F in my .58 rifled musket , all ok.
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    Id these two please

    Grind a little off the end of the easy out as they are tapered , and maybe it will grip then. Soak with Kroil over night. In 1970 , My first "long rifle" style gun , was a 2nd hand , Spanish made FIE , almost identical to the one you show. With only a few shots at a target , the gun...
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    Trade gun vent position

    No shims , do as Pathfinder says w/a dremel tool , and a rotary stone bit. This is standard procedure to make a priming pan adjustment. Have done this many times to perfection , w/ no problems.
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    The did you ever thread......

    A true hunting story. My hunting partner's teen age son , was told by dad , his m/l rifle was laid out for him. Dad wanted to teach son to be responsible , and get his own hunting stuff ready , and make sure it was loaded in the truck. Well , we parked the truck in the Game Land parking...
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    Trade gun vent position

    Put your r/r down the muzzle , and mark the exact position of the breach plug face at the touch hole on the outside of the barrel. If the touch hole is very close to the breech face , and the hole is in the powder pan ,make sure you pick the touch hole , especially just after loading. When...
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    The did you ever thread......

    A friend , and nubee to m/ling across town , tried to quiet his tell-all wife , not to tell about the odd stick sticking out of the ceiling in the bedroom. Guess friend nubee was going to clean his new m/l rifle down the cellar , and "snapped" the lock after inserting the r/r into the...
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    Hunting Gun Weight

    Scratch built flint deer hunting long rifles for my hunting buddy , and I in the 1970's , when we were young. The deer rifles were avg. 8 lbs. , mine a .50 , and his a .58. He is now 79+ and me , 76. 'bout three yrs. ago ,scratch built both of us 7 lb. rifles w/ slings , both in .50...
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    The did you ever thread......

    Had an emergency sight in to do on a cold icy day in Feb.. Fired one shot into target to see what adjustment needed done. Attempted to file front sight down to raise the point of impact , and the front sight blade fell out of the base. Back home , and next blistering cold day , having...
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    screwdriver set

    Flea mkt. ones , and yard sale one's from bygone days , 1950's , 1960's are fine choices , if you know which drivers are the good ones. Since I was in the electronics business , and the company I worked for blessed me with an expense acct. covering tools , I turned a bunch of the best...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Install touch hole liner.
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    Should I get a .40?

    The .40 cal. , is a special blessing. Easy to shoot , load, manage , whatever you want to say. I love mine. Light , slim , accurate.
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    Hello from COLA South Carolina

    Welcome from Pa..
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    Hello to the forum

    Welcome from Pa..