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  1. winter1857

    New Flint Wallet and Ball Bag

    I just got a new flint wallet and ball bag from Cory Joe Stewart at Long Branch Longrifles to go with the powder horn I got from him a while back. Great stuff. Putting all of this together for my .36 Kibler SMR that I'm working on (slowly).
  2. winter1857

    Made the Kibler Leap

    After a couple of years of waffling I finally ordered a Jim Kibler kit today. I think my wife got tired of me fawning over the pictures on Jim's website and said "Just do it, already." I'm going with the SMR in .36 caliber in cherry. I've got a box of cherry scraps coming that I bought off Etsy...
  3. winter1857

    Casting Issue

    I've recently started casting balls for my black powder guns and I've run into something that I'm trying to remedy. When casting .690 round balls I get these very noticeable striations on the surface. This doesn't occur when casting .445 or .375 round balls. In all cases I'm using RCBS aluminum...