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  1. DuncNZ

    Setting Triggers , before or after cocking ?

    Elzay , in his tale of successfully shooting a Speed Goat ,Successful Speed Goat Season! , mentioned he set his triggers then fully cocked his rifle . I have always cocked my rifles with set triggers then set the trigger , Have I been doing it wrong all these years or is there no set rule ?
  2. DuncNZ


    Congratulations to the Forum Administrators on introducing the Similar Threads section now found at the bottom of each page . This resurrects old threads and helps limit new discussions over and over on the same topic . Good Idea . :thumb:
  3. DuncNZ

    How far can You shoot ?

    There have been discussions on this forum about which load is needed to kill a deer at various distances . The real question should be " what is the maximum distance I can get a vital hit on a deer ?" The Kill zone on a deer varies in size with species . sex and age ( body size ) of the deer ...
  4. DuncNZ

    I got me a Cap Gun .

    A year ago I sold my Uberti Hawken and have sort of regretted it ever since , later on I found 16 tins of Remington no 11 caps which had hidden themselves in my workshop . I was unsure whether to sell them or not . Last week I got a call from a friend who was selling all his black powder rifles...
  5. DuncNZ


    I have 3 flintlock rifles with round bottom rifling , I have owned many others with square cut rifling . I never noticed any difference in accuracy but some in loading tight patched balls and in cleaning . Has any one done any research into the benefits or drawbacks in both types of rifling ?
  6. DuncNZ

    Change of name Cutfinger to DuncNZ

    Hi I have posted this here because there isn't a lot of need for members changing their name . I have changed from Cutfinger to DuncNZ .Why? Well there is a Cutfingers on this forum who was here before me, which caused some confusion . I called myself Cutfinger on the old MLML list and I...
  7. DuncNZ

    Parker Hale and other 2 piece Loading Rods

    There seem to be any number of folks on this Forum who shoot Parker Hale rifles , and other rifles , usually military type which have steel ram rods . I have not looked at every make but many which I have looked at , Parker Hale , Pedersoli etc have two piece ram rods , the jag is a separate...
  8. DuncNZ

    My Wheel lock firing

    Took less than .3 of a second
  9. DuncNZ

    Dutch Schoultz : A Mighty Tree Has Fallen In the Forest

    It is with regret that I inform you that Dutch Schoultz ,the well known and much liked and respected author of the book "Black Powder Rifle Accuracy", passed on the 8th of April 2022 . Dutch passed quietly and without pain at the age of 94 with his family at his side . His Daughter Lynn will...
  10. DuncNZ

    Age hardening lead ?

    I have a supply of swaged lead balls that are about 15 years old , they don't have any oxidizing but they are now hard to load and I have had to go to a thinner patch than I used when I purchased them . I have measured them and they are still .535 , so the only thing I can think of is they...
  11. DuncNZ

    Twangy Frizzen

    The frizzen spring on my 1770 Lancaster's L&R Classic lock makes a noise that I can only describe as a vibrating twang . It works perfectly , no problems there but I would like to get rid of the noise . Does any one have any idea of the cause and the remedy for this noise It is this one ps...
  12. DuncNZ

    The Thing About Flintlocks

    On this forum I have seen Flintlocks described as addictive , cool , neat, fun etc . They may be all of that or none of that . I like them because they are historic and were used in a significant part of World History . There were many different types of small arms ignition before the Flintlock...
  13. DuncNZ

    Double ended rod

    I watch guys shooting using the rod on the rifle , they pull it out , wave it about and finally get the ramming end into the muzzle , ram the ball home, remove the rod then wave it about again finally getting it into the ramrod pipes and seated home . If the rod is close to bore size it is...
  14. DuncNZ

    Shooting over snow ?

    Some time ago I read that the old timers used to shoot their muzzle loaders over snow to see if there was any unburnt powder in the load , as it would settle on the snow . Is this true ?, has any one tried this technique ?
  15. DuncNZ

    Logwood Blacking Iron .

    I have a couple of plastic containers of logwood chips . I have never used them but I believe these chips are boiled in water along with iron or steel to blacken the steel , Old Trappers used this method for darkening their new traps and chains before use , as well as other iron items to reduce...
  16. DuncNZ

    The most complicated patch lube ever :

    I was at the range today and saw a guy using spit on his patches , that got me wondering what is in saliva which makes it better than water as a lube .Turns out it is the most complicated lube ever This is what I found on Wikipedia Produced in salivary glands, human saliva comprises 99.5%...
  17. DuncNZ

    Brown Bess -Why

    I see a lot of you folks use Brown Bess's , nothing wrong with that ,They are fine Muskets. The question is why ? I know the Bess was used in by some American troops in the Revolution . The Charleville's are more authentically American as they were used by the French allies and are the firearm...
  18. DuncNZ

    Gentleman's rifle

    I decided to get a friend to make me a rifle which may have been used in the RMFT and was a flintlock and not a Hawken . I decided on a J Henry English pattern rifle , The 42" barrel was too long for use off a horse , so I decided to get a 32" barrel , as if it had been cut down later , and...
  19. DuncNZ

    Multiple Bullet Mould

    I have been re reading my book on Gunsmiths of Lancaster county by J B Whisker , when I noticed a bullet mould made by A Gumpf as you can see in the photo it can mould round ball , pricket bullets and a conical round nose bullet , Now this mould was made in the early to mid 1800's , so did they...
  20. DuncNZ

    Problems I have had with, and thoughts on Pedersolis I have owned .

    I have owned a few different Pedersoli Muzzle loaders over the years . . Tryon Deluxe : Ramrod made of some sort of dowel needed replacing , this applies to all Pedersoli's with wooden ram rods . A piece of wood missing from the fore end replaced at factory with a wedge of slightly different...