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  1. sturmkatze


  2. sturmkatze

    Triggerguard clamp

    Where can I find one of those hoogies to clamp a triggerguard in a vise to work on it? Thanks, Marsh
  3. sturmkatze

    OLD CVA Kentucky Rifle

    Well here's one: does anyone make a replacement stock for the old CVA Kentucky rifle? It was my first ML way back when when I was like 14-15 and while I did a good job on the metal, there was only so much you could do w/ the crappy wood and 2 piece stock. I see Traditions still makes it, but I...
  4. sturmkatze


    Am I missing a setting that will send me a message when someone replies to one of my blatherings posts? Most boards sendyou an e-mail... I ask as I am starting to forget where I posted stuff and some stuff I would like to read replies... :winking: Thanks, Marsh
  5. sturmkatze

    something new, something old

    Okay, I'm new here, but have been shooting these things since I was like 14 years old. I also have been reenacting since 1989... I own, a place for reenactors to find one another... Anyway, since Jim Cullers at Ft. Chambers muzzleloading store has sorta drawn me back into this...