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    Controlling color and shade on fancy maple

    I have a friend who is a retired shop teacher. He learned which using iron nitrate that after using the heat gun it’s wise to neutralize it using a base. Otherwise it will contrite to get darker over time.
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I finished the handle on a belt axe that was forged by Mike Brown. Iron of nitrate, tung oil, rubbed beeswax. Ash handle
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Well I haven’t been able to post since the weekend. Last weekend I shot in the state muzzleloader shoot and had targets that were good followed up by ones that looked like it was someone else shooting. And I got this nice belt axe in the mail
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    New Member from Central Pa

    Welcome from Centre County
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    Long hunter frock

    I ordered this at the show at Ft Fredrick. The lady did a really good job and her price can’t be beat. Her and her husband were wonderful to deal with. She also makes clothing for Mt Vernon. Called Ft Downing. It’s made out of un dyed linen. Then I dyed it with blk walnut dye that I made
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    Belt carry Hawk

    Something like this is what I think of a belt ax. More s Useful thank a hawk
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    Questions for the guys that can "shoot all day" without swabbing

    I’m using a 54 cal colerain bbl with round bottom rifling. Using a .530 poured ball and pillow ticking, pushed with 80gr of Swiss 1 1/2F. When hunting I use bear grease. When shooting a woods walk or on a line I just use a spit patch. While on the line shooting paper I will swab every few...
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    Gunmaker's Fair 2022!

    I was there Thursday and Friday. I was helping the Pa Federation of Black Powder Shooters. Helped with set up on Thursday and attended Friday. Was nice to see some old friends and meet new ones. So far everyone I spoke with both vendor and attendees were happy with the set up. We were very...
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    Transporting long guns

    the log cabin shop sells padded zipper cases that are meant for long guns. They are made by Ace. Cheaper through log cabin than Ace
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    The Kibler Ash SMR, or WKU Round Two

    Thanks for sharing. I have a Fowler kit in order from cabin creek. Just waiting on colerain to start production on the barrel. It’s going to be stocked in ash. I figure it’s going to be like American chestnut soon. It’s pretty much wiped out in my area of Pa
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    Joseph Plum Martin

    It’s a good read. I had to advice google on some of the wording while reading it
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome from Centre County. Don’t know where you live but check out and join the Keystone Federation of Black Powder Shooters. They will provide a book that has shoots listed throughout the state. Attend one and you will learn a lot just by paying attention
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    My New Smoothbore Flintlock Rifle

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    My New Smoothbore Flintlock Rifle

    Nice could you show a picture of the groove in the tang? I’ve have seen it once before and I’m thinking about going it with my Fowler kit when I get it Thanks
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    Carrying Case - Soft

    I ordered one from the log cabin shop, a year and a half ago. When I got it it was made by Ace. Looked at Ace website and log cabin was cheaper
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    flintlock, lock tuning

    I have a gun built by Brad it has a large siler lock and it tuned very well, super fast ignition. My dad has a TC renegade that Brad worked on his lock. He put in a new frizzen and tuned the springs and the rest of the lock. It now shoots almost as fast as my siler
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    WooHoo! I second that...TVM

    Like others have said, the best way to get used to it is shoot. And if TVM tuned the lock right, and you have a good flint you will not have to worry about flinching
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    Favorite clothing sutlers?

    Check out Yesteryear, Barb does some really nice work. I have a pair of breeches, and a shirt from her. She is located in Shirmensdale PA, and has many years of exp. Highly recommend
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    Cabin Creek Kit

    I totally recomend anything from Cabincreek. I have a Colonial Va that Brad made for me and I really love the gun. It shoots prob better than I can shoot it. Brad Emig is one of the best gunmakers in the country with out a doubt. If you live close I highly recomend making a visit to his...
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    Store bought'en vs. spit patches.

    I use a spit patch when I am at a woods walk, paper shoot, or novelty shoots. When I am hunting I use mink oil from TOW it works very well esp with the cold temps we have here in the late season in PA