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  1. BlackRock52

    Homemade Lube

    New to this and have a couple of questions. 1 - When reference is made to the lube mix (eg 50/50 beeswax and fat) is this volume or weight? 2 - Obtained some pure lanolin and was thinking of this in a 50/50 mix with beeswax. Anyone with experience &/or suggestions? Thanks -- lots of great...
  2. BlackRock52

    Moving Front Sight

    When removing/replacing a front sight does one go left to right when facing muzzle or right to left? Don't want to tighten the bevel...
  3. BlackRock52


    Have yet to make a purchase as there are many suppliers and various patterns and thicknesses. Can users here give a recommendation to a newbie using ticking strips, please. I have just used the round prelubed variety but the idea of better encasement of the ball in even fashion is something I...
  4. BlackRock52

    Mink Oil Paste

    I was "advised" to use Mink Oil Paste as a lube - patches and/or bullets. Any experience? Is this "advice" for real?
  5. BlackRock52

    Old Maxi's

    I received a couple of hundred .45 Maxi's that were prelubed but dried out. Mineral spirits was suggested here and worked pretty good tho still a bit greasy with old lube residual. Simple Green full strength and shake worked. I know they are shootable now but look "frosted" for lack of a...
  6. BlackRock52

    BP source - maybe?

    Anybody have any experience with usa-reloads? They are a online warehouse only shop. Claim to have real BP in stock. Minimum order is $160.00 and only accept payment through Zelle or Cash App. Please advise
  7. BlackRock52

    WANTED BP shotgun

    Having no success with previous request (12 Ga Gobbler BP Single NWTF) I am expanding my "wish List." Any gauge 12 - 28. Prefer S x S but single ok too. Perc preferred over flint
  8. BlackRock52

    FOR SALE Lee R.E.A.L. bullet mould

    Somehow have two of these both .45 cal. 2 cavity w/ handles (Lee 45-200) . One never used still in box with instructions inside. Track of Wolf lists for $33.99 but out of stock. I will let the new go for $30 + shipping
  9. BlackRock52

    CLOSED 45 CAL Sabot

    I have decided to shoot only PB's or lubed Maxis in my Hawken .45. As a result I have 4 boxes new Hornady SST-ML .45 cal sabots (Bullet is .40 200 Gr). There are 20 sabots & bullets/box. Online prices range from $17.99 - $21.99/box plus shipping. These 4 are shrink wrapped together -- never...
  10. BlackRock52

    Browned Barrel

    I have an opportunity to buy a browned barrel firearm -- 12 Ga -- I did some reading and seems like there were/are 2 methods to brown a barrel -- chemical and physical --and that browning preceded bluing. However, I can't shake the feeling that it's "just a rusty" barrel and I much prefer the...
  11. BlackRock52

    44 Conical

    I would like to try a conical in my 1858 Remington .44. Recs here and elsewhere led me to a Kerr Conical but I cannot find anywhere. Until I try some not real enthused to invest in a mould. I am hoping to get some recommendations as to another conical that has been tried and found to be...
  12. BlackRock52

    Old South Firearms

    I placed an order with this company and due to less than accurate advice from the previous owner of the firearm and honestly, inadequate research on my part, the item I ordered I did not fit. I called the company and spoke with Lee, who is obviously very knowledgeable about BP pistols and their...
  13. BlackRock52

    PC Bullets

    Is anybody shooting powder coated bullets for either rifle or pistol? Is there a real advantage?
  14. BlackRock52

    Thank You

    Recently I have posted several questions on various topics re: Pietta 1851. Numerous people have responded and shared their wisdom and I wanted to say thank you to all for the information and benefit of your experience. Lots of great and generous people on this forum...
  15. BlackRock52

    Pietta 1851 Loads

    My owners manual states for .44 (454 ball) "Suggested Grains" FFFG - Min-max = 12-15. The next Table states Maximum Grains BP for .44 revolver w/ .454 ball = 35 FFFG and Maximum Grains Pyrodex .44 .454 ball = 28 FFFG although I suppose they mean RS and/or Select. Maybe something lost in...
  16. BlackRock52

    Pietta 1851 confusion

    I have always used #10 caps but the new nipples are labeled for #11 caps. Anyone have actual experience with this dilemma? BTW, the manual does not refer to cap size in any fashion
  17. BlackRock52

    Loading Options

    Regards loading powder: Does anyone use/recommend a funnel/drop tube when placing BP in barrel? And Does anyone use/recommend a lubed wad on top of the powder charge ? Is this redundant or would this act somewhat like a gas check?
  18. BlackRock52

    Swabbing between shots

    Trying to find if there's any consensus on barrel swabbing between shots. Using Real BP or Pyrodex Select. After every shot? After every ______ shots? Swab with what? T/C 13 or 17, alcohol, Ballistrol (Moose milk), etc.?
  19. BlackRock52

    WANTED CVA Shotgun

    Looking to buy CVA 12 ga. black powder NWTF gobbler series - any year.
  20. BlackRock52

    NewB from UP

    Hello -- Been shooting BPML since roughly 1975. Mostly shooting with some hunting. At present: T/C Hawken .45 Traditions Vortex .50 & Colt Navy 1851 RePro by Pietta Looking to start shot gunning as well...would like to try one on our local...