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  1. ernbar

    Midsouth Shooters Supply

    Any of you guys used this business?
  2. ernbar

    Action shield

    I have been searching for detailed illustrations showing how to make and install an action shield on the hammer of a BP revolver but came up empty. This metal strip will keep cap fragments and other junk from falling in that slot at the bottom of the hammer channel. A picture showing how the...
  3. ernbar

    Paper cartridge question

    I loaded about 40 paper cartridges to use in my Dragoon but life has gotten in the way so It may be may be a month till I can get to the range. I have them in a loading tray and inside a large zip bag in an air conditioned room. Just wondering if this is a proper method to keep the powder fresh.
  4. ernbar

    My paper cartridge jig

    The simple dowel method that I recently tried works but decided to take it up several notches and wanted a more uniform look for the cartridges. I went to Big Lots and found a 3 brush set with tapered thick smooth plastic handles that are perfect to use for the mandrills. Then stopped at Harbor...
  5. ernbar

    Uberti 2nd model Dragoon.

    Got in my long awaited 2nd model Uberti Dragoon. The good; well made, nice finish, beautiful wood gips, very accurate, smooth action. The bad; had a spill that stained the right side of the barrel above the wedge that only came off with light polishing with 0000 steel wool and oil, the nipples...
  6. ernbar

    Hello from new member from Central Florida

    Hi all, my name is Ernie and have been reloading multiple calibers of smokeless powder ammo since the late 1970s. I have always admired the elegant lines of the old BP revolvers so finally decided to take the plunge and purchased a Pietta 1858 Remington in Old Silver finish from Bass Pro Shop...