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    cast off on original flintlock rifles?

    Just wondering how many original guns had cast off built in? Say 1700s time period.
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    SOLD TC cherokee .32, single trigger

    I have a Cherokee .32 for sale. It is missing the upper ram rod thimble, hammer is marred from bending,(not bad) stock below butt is drilled for a sling, other than these thing, gun is in very good shape, I bought it in 1990, have not shot it in 20 plus years, no rust, I had to have the barrel...
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    Any body use aqua fortis on a plain red maple stock?

    Getting close to finishing a trade gun, I know most were walnut, but have had this stock a while and decided to use it. I have used aqua fortis in the past, scary stuff to use, but seems to penetrate deeper than other stains. The regular stains seem to wear in the wrist and forearm area, have...
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    touch hole liner size

    Getting ready to inlet a col virg. lock from jim chambers, .54 cal. smooth bore, oct. to round, 1 inch across the flats at breech. Would I be ok with a 1/4'' white lightning liner? Would I be wise to allow enough room in front of the breech for a 5/16 inch liner, just in case? Or just go with...
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    ram rod hole

    Drilled a ram rod hole today, was shooting for 1/8 to 3/16inch web at the breech, ended up about .300, guess I will have to live with it, pretty much centered under barrel, good thing is, should be plenty room for front lock screw. I checked and double checked my measurements, oh well, could be...
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    Modern versus flintlock

    I retired a few months ago, the boys and dealership got me a Henry single shot 20 gage, took it out a few times hunting, just not the same as a flintlock smooth bore or rifle, really enjoy my modern guns, (when I shoot them) just not the same as the flintlocks, seems I pay more attention, move...
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    Measuring group size?

    OK, How do you measure group size? Shooting at a black 3.75 in. bull, the farthest hole is 1.50 in from 10x, would that be a 1.50 in. group, or do I measure from the 2 farthest holes, which would be a little over 3 in.? 5 shot group. Probably a dumb question. I guess I would call it 3 in. group...
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    FOR SALE .445 lyman single cavity mold, 30.00 plus shipping

    Good cond. no handles, 30.00 plus shipping, thanks, chuck
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    FOR SALE lyman .495 double cavity mold, no handles, 50.00 plus shipping

    Have had these for years, used very little. thanks, chuck
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    FOR SALE Perc. lock

    Possibly a CVA? Lock plate measures 4.420'' by .835, lock is not blued or browned but polished. Has adjustment screw in tumbler. Unable to post pics. but can take a pic. with my phone, will have to PM phone number if interested. 60.00 plus shipping
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    SOLD lyman 57sml peep site

    Have this peep site for sale, comes with wedge to fit a lyman gpr. has 2 apetures and 2 screws, one machine and 1 wood screw. 70.00 plus shipping. thanks, chuck
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    FOR SALE set triggers

    I have what I think is called double set single phase triggers. The trigger has to be set by pulling the rear trigger then the front is pulled to fire the gun. Looks like the hammer has to be pulled back to set this trigger, I don't think these triggers have a place on a hunting gun, would guess...
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    SOLD TC breech wrenches

    I have 2 breech plug wrenches, pretty sure they are TC, One is (I'm pretty sure) for a 1 inch barrel, the other for 13/16 inch barrel, anyway it does not fit over a 7/8 inch barrel. Kinda hard to measure as it is made a little different than the 1 inch. would like 40.00 for the pair, plus...
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    FOR SALE how do I edit in the for sale section?

    I would like to add sold to an item, but do not see an edit option?
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    SOLD .36 Thompson Center maxi ball mold, $60.00

    Very good cond. comes in orig. box (box is beat up)
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    SOLD .315 Thompson Center single cavity mold. $50.00 or $60.00 with handles

    Very good condition, can sell with or without handles, not sure if handles are original to mold. thanks, chuck I may be asking quite a bit for this, if so I will come down a bit each day. thanks
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    SOLD .313 Lee single cavity mold, $20.00 plus shipping

    Still digging through stuff. This mold has handles and used very little, still in the box. thanks, chuck
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    FOR SALE .600 single cavity lyman mold, $75.00

    Getting rid of some stuff I have not used in years, this mold is in good condition. thanks, chuck
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    Keath Lisle?

    I have not seen a post by Keath Lisle for quite a while? Anybody heard from him? He has helped me out of a scrape a couple times. I think he went by birdog6? Allways seemed willing to help. chuck
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    best group at 100 yards

    Some say they are not happy unless they get 1 ragged hole at 100. I would guess off a rest? Any way, I am not calling them a liar, but would like to see it. I have been around some very good offhand shooters, and no way would they be able to keep all shots touching at even 50 yards. I might get...