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    Wedge Tent Makers

    Tentsmiths website says that they are hiring....
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    Spit patching while wearing a mask

    Covid 19 has been detected in saliva.... So by taking a spit patch from your mouth you could be spreading it on your rifle and accouterments with your wet fingers and who knows what else.
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    A number of years ago I bought a nice hand forged buckle and made a belt for it. The belt is 2" to 2 1/8" wide. It has served me well over the years but I got to thinking. I did not think about it when I bought the buckle from the trader at the time. What was the average belt width in the 1700s...
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    Uberti Replica Remington 1858 NMA Accuracy?

    I have a Pedersoli and it shoots better than I . I do well with it in matches....
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    Cabela's not shipping bp guns anymore?

    Why would they ship MLs to some parts of WA and not others????
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    Flintlock vent liners in the 18th century??

    I would tend to believe that firearms in the day were not shot the number of times each time they were used as they are today. Thus not needing liners as frequently as we do today. As well they were shooting for food mostly so the need for competition accurate was not required. As well it may...
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    18 19Th Century version of a KABAR

    Contact the National Museum of the Marine Corps. They would I think have that information and lots more. Semper Fi
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    Tape or.....?

    I have used Kopr Kote and have not had siezure...
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    Skagit county wa

    Formerly lived in Woodinville, then NE TN, FL and back again now in the Fraser Valley. Come back regularly. Go to the event annually.
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    Legal Question Black Powder

    Place all the BP inside your ex's belongings and when she moves hopefully outside of the state then call the ATF.
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    Saddles and 18th century horse tack.

    PLANTATION SADDLE - Bingo....Thank you... I should have remembered that name but I forget more than I can remember these days. Thank you for all your responses....
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    Colonial SADDLES 1750 - 1800

    Looking for pictures of colonial saddles from 1750 to 1800. Most saddle pictures or saddles are of a typical English saddle. I do recall seeing an English style saddle that was supposedly HC that had a type of swell up front on the pommel but no horn etc. It also appeared to have a form of a...
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    Black Powder Supplies In Canada

    Yes you can bring ball back over the border no issues. You can bring powder back at 8#s as well but they can not sell it at the Monroe event due to restriction by County Fair Admin. Always declare everything.
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    Black powder bear questions

    Lots of good information as given. Black bears can be unpredictable. They can and will stalk humans as well. With a well placed shot a 50 or 54 is adequate. How ever there is always the chance of flight or fight kicking in with bear with more serious consequences than WT deer. I have always...
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    Hammer and Nipple Not lined Up

    Remove the nipple, find a machine screw that fits the nipple hole thread. Take 3/8" socket that fits over the drum. Drill a hole in the wall of the socket just enough for the machine screw to fit. Place the socket over the drum and align the two holes up and thread in the machine screw in. Lefty...
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    Avg # of shots per flint

    I average 30-50 shots per flint. I do have one flint that I retired last Sept with over 150 shots on it.
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    What are you doing this winter?

    Recovering from cancer surgery in Oct. Cant do $h!t on the farm. That's the hard part i've always been active. Have to have family and friends do it all for me. Only allowed to pick up the weight of a rifle three weeks ago. Done some casting last week. Should have gone back to the SE to recover...
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    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Were these Santa Fe's not made by Uberti for Western Arms?
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    Butt on Toe or Ground?

    On the top of my foot or footwear....
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    Identifying lead vs zinc wheel weights

    Drop them on a concrete floor and you will hear the zinc ones ting.....