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    Rust stopping oil

    The renaissance wax is good for both metal and wood. Use rig inside the bore, wax on the outside. Have done it this way for years with no rust.
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    Butch's Bore Shine

    Doesn't anyone use black solve from dixie gun works? I've used since the 70's and never found the need to change.
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    Remington cylinder pin

    Rig universal grease. The same stuff used for long term storage. A guy shooting along side me at friendship noticed i was having trouble pulling out the cylinder pin, and gave some to try, in 1975. Have used it ever since. Have shot at least 30rds. without removing the cylinder. Also wipes off...
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    Whatever happened to Tick Licker?

    Maybe someone should make a reproduction of the one used in the Daniel Boone series, before us old guys all die off.
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    Navy Arms 1864 Springfield

    They used to come with two nipples, one for musket caps & one for the smaller no.10 or 11 caps. At least they did 35+ years ago.
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    TVM Woes! :(

    Even if everything else was alright, using the wrong barrel is an instant send back. Also there should be no charge to you as it is clearly there fault. Any good company would certainly offer a refund or replacement.
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    TVM Woes! :(

    I was told by a well known gun stocker at friendship many years ago, to use a wood screw for the tang screw. His reasoning was why drill completely through the weakest part of the gun (wrist) if you don't have to. It wasn't either of the tvm boys.
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    Anyone going to Friendship?

    Haven't been there in 10 or more years. Was wondering if commercial row is still as good as before? Heard overall it's much smaller than it used to be.
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    Uberti 1860 Army front sight

    I built up the front sight as above but used jb weld ten years ago. Still there.
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    Dangler oil for metal & wood?

    Homer Dangler used to sell a bottle of oil which he applied to finished guns both wood and metal. Used it in dry winter months. I used my last bottle. Anyone know what is comparable. Haven't seen any for sale in years.
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    Original style crossbows?

    Anyone make them? A real shooting version sounds like fun.
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    James Klein?

    What ever happened to him? Can't find any contact info on him.
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    Asm frame - Colt barrel?

    I saw an 1861 navy with a colt 3rd. gen. barrel. Guy that had it said asm bought the left over parts after colt stopped making them. Asm then assembled them on their frames and sold them as complete guns.Is this gun show bull?
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    Kalamazoo, MI- history fair?

    Is this still a good show,with guns for sale? Someone told me several years ago they really didn't have many guns for sale anymore like they used to.
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    NEW Traditions Mountain rifle?

    I thought I was going to read three pages about a new rifle. Instead I got two pages about a target, come on.
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    2016 Living History at Kalamazoo Mi

    Is the show as big as it was say 10 years ago?
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    Gun marked Graves, Pontiac, MI?

    The barrel is marked Pontiac only, not MI. The seller said it was made in MI. Have no idea if he really knows or not.
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    Gun marked Graves, Pontiac, MI?

    The gun is a late style 1/2 stock percussion, with set triggers. The barrel is marked as far as I can tell-A.A. Graves. The seller said it was made in Pontiac, MI about 1860. Any one herd of this gunsmith? I tried a search and didn't find anything. Thanks
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    1851 Colt Navy Loaded For Two Years

    I have read in the past, that they used candle wax to create a seal around the nipple and cap. You guys ever try that?
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    Broke my OA

    You might try jb weld. I built up the front sight on an early replica arem 1875 army that shot a foot high at 100yds. Thought it would fall off by now, but it's held up for over 5 years.