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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    I take no offense brother. I appreciate your input! If you can’t afford it what do you have to put on the blanket? No hard feelings were all part of this community in my eyes…
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    TRADE 10 butcher knives of your choice

    For a .520 round ball mould
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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    I’m thinking that since small bore Crocketts are I the 5 range I’m not far off?
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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    Thanks for the workshop comments, If y’all are forum members and find yourselves in the NC Piedmont. Come check me out. Especially if you like BP hunting. A month and a half and it’s on!
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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    Took the barrel off. It says only the same thing as the note in the patch box. Here’s pictures. Don’t see any markings as to manufacture. What I can do is guarantee it’s a tack driver. I was wondering myself after some comments ? I don’t see no real run out, so if it’s a Pedersoli or custom I’m...
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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    I do not know, I can check for markings tonight when I get home.
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    FOR SALE .36 Caplock Squirrel rifle

    Putting together a SMR , so I have decided to pass on my trusty Squirrel rifle of 30 years. Not hating on the Crockett or DGW guns, but this would be a more custom upgrade in my opinion. Walnut stocked, 13 3/8 lop, 35 1/2 strait, 3/4 “ Barrel. Bore is great, barrel has really turned a pleasing...
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    North Carolinians...step forward and be counted !

    Granville Co, .58 Full stock Hawken Flint
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    At What Range Have Most of Your Big Game Animals Been Shot At?

    All my hunting is done from canoe, in southern rivers and flooded lowlands. Its basically a 50 yard zone, especially shooting live animals in a moving boat, wile my right hand is always on the paddle keeping the nose forward and bypassing flotsam, or anything that would make noise and betray my...
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    SOLD South Carolina scrimshaw Powder horn

    I have no knowledge of the shoot? Do you have any info on it? Id like to participate in such things, It seems all the interesting events are in other states.
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    SOLD South Carolina scrimshaw Powder horn

    Here’s a really clean, virgin SC state seal, horn. Really nice lines, and she comes in at just under 10 inches, ready for whatever strap/ bag combo you would like. I was going to age the horn, but I’ll leave that taste up to the new owner. If she was wearing a NC seal now, I’d let her stay home...
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    SOLD New Muzzleloader Rifle Sling

    Can you do PayPal or cash app?
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    Uberti Santa Fe

    Does anybody know what size nipple to order that fits a Uberti Hawken?
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    TRADE .520/.570 mold

    Anyone interested in a trade on my D Guard Bowie? Looking those molds, can be bag molds or Lee/ Lyman thanks!
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    WITHDRAWN Confederate D gaurd withdrawn

    Beautiful hand forged Bowie, by master knife maker Douglas Hardy, of Franklin GA. This thing is a beast! Been in the collection for years, time to pass her on. Has one small split in the handle, that does not go all the way through. It has not widened in years so I never even tried to glue it. I...
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    SOLD Pedersoli Bess, sold

    Sold to a gentlemen from Texas.