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  1. Cajun72

    WANTED .290 round ball mold

    Looking for a .290 round ball mold. Was going to get #2 1/2 from BPI but out of stock. Thanks
  2. Cajun72

    Fowler Identification

    Hello recently acquired a percussion Fowler. Like top 2 marks in last photo at the top. I can only find markings under the barrel. Has the crown with crossed lances and bcp then twisted stubs in between then crown with crossed lances and v at bottom. .72 bore, barrel length 31 3/4" Any ideas?
  3. Cajun72

    CLOSED Underhammer pistol

    Looking for an H&A Underhammer pistol in .45 or .36 cal Thanks
  4. Cajun72

    CLOSED .36 cal rifle

    Looking for a .36 cal rifle budget of $350 +or - Let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. Cajun72

    Gunsmith of Grenville County

    Want to buy a used Gunsmith of Grenville County book. For $25 +/- plus shipping? Thanks
  6. Cajun72

    Navy Arms Mule Ear Rifle

    Looking for a decent Navy Arms Mule Ear Rifle in either .36 or .45 caliber. Budget of $250 +/- Let me know Thanks
  7. Cajun72

    .30 cal round ball mold

    Well in the process of acquiring a .30 cal percussion muzzleloader. Current owners does not have a mold? Any ideas to size/diameter I would need? Thanks
  8. Cajun72

    .32 or .36 Cal Rifle

    Looking for a vintage CVA .32 cal squirrel rifle. Or similar rifle. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  9. Cajun72

    GPR Loose Ramrod

    Recently acquired a Lyman GPR .54 cal made in 1985. All in working order, except the ramrod is loose. It slides out when pointed down. Is there some modification I can make to keep it in place? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  10. Cajun72

    Hello from Spokane

    New here from Spokane, like shootin' smoke poles. Hope to learn a lot Thanks