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  1. nagantino

    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    I’m new to muzzleloading. I bought a PH .451 rifle which is fun to shoot. On its 5th. trip to the range I noticed that the fired percussion caps had a hole blown in them. I had not noticed this before, so, is it common or does it indicate something else?
  2. nagantino

    Sizing .451

    My third trip out with my PH Volunteer ended a little short...I could not get the bullets down the barrel. The gun came with a good supply of bullets which seemed to be lubed with Lee Liquid Alox and they all shot well. That should be the first photo. They dropped down the barrel easily. But...
  3. nagantino

    Guns on TV.

    Ive just finished watching The Terror, a TV Mini series. It's based on the ill fated Franklin Expedition to find the Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific via the frozen arctic. It's set in 1845/46 and is a fictional account of what might have happened to them. They were never seen again. The...
  4. nagantino

    PH Volunteer history.

    Could someone outline the history of the Volunteer rifle. It's confusing because I understand it was built in 1861? and used as such but I'm reading that Parker Hale began manufacturing it again in the 1980's. So most Rifle being shot today are modern right? Does anyone shoot the originals. Why...
  5. nagantino

    Another Irish guy....

    Hello everyone. I forgot to introduce myself. Living in Lisburn just outside of Belfast, Co Antrim. I'm a longtime shooter of centrefire and wanting to get into percussion. Great forum.
  6. nagantino

    Parker Hale .451 Volunteer.......should I?

    New guy here. I'm a long time shooter living the Ireland. I shoot all types of IPSC disciplines and cast for several calibres. I'm thinking of buying a BP rifle and have seen a PH Volunteer.451 that looks good. I've watched the YouTube videos and it looks like fun. I have a few questions that I...