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  1. SgtMaj65

    Old pre-lubed patches

    I was cleaning out an old ammo can and found an unopened package of T/C pre-lubed patches that were at least 10 years old and maybe older I forgot I even had. I decided to test them at the range this week just to see if they were still viable. I shot from the bench at 50 yds. using 60 grains OE...
  2. SgtMaj65

    Shredded patch

    I've had my new .50 Great Plains Rifle to the range 3 times now, and it's shooting great ”” better than I could have hoped for ”” right out of the box. Been collecting spent patches and everything looks just as it should after shooting Olde Eynsford 55 grains, using Ox-Yoke .015 pre-lubed...
  3. SgtMaj65

    Centered patch question

    I've only been shooting PRBs out .50-cal. rifles for less than a year after nearly 40 years shooting hunting conicals, so I'm still learning. I know things like powder load and quality, ball quality, wind, patch and lube are all variables in shooting -- without factoring in the variable of aim...
  4. SgtMaj65

    .015 linen vs. .018 mattress ticking

    This may get me torched and called a heretic, but I had something happen today at the range that made me say "what's going on?" I shot a 5-shot group with my sidelock .50-cal. Great Plains Rifle using .018 mattress ticking patches using TOW mink oil for lube, 55-grains OE ffg at 35 yards, and...
  5. SgtMaj65

    New GPR .50

    Been wanting a .50-cal. Great Plains Rifle for a very long time and acquired this beauty. Can't wait to break it in more after an extremely accurate target shoot right out of the box the first time out to the range. Goes with my .50 T/C Renegade and .58-cal. 3-band Enfield I've had for many...
  6. SgtMaj65

    Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket

    Here's my baby, had it a very long time. Went through at least 50 battles together, lost the bluing in the rain and mud at Vicksburg. Went through hell at Wilson's Creek, Pilot Knob, Lexington, Champion's Hill, Franklin, Stones River, Pleasant Hill, Prairie Grove, Honey Springs and Elkhorn...
  7. SgtMaj65

    What do you use on shooting bench?

    I'm always interested in what other muzzleloaders do, no matter what it is ”” from what they shoot to why they shoot to how they shoot and what they use to get their perfect loads for the situation. Anyway, I was wondering what bench shooters use for sandbags for stabilizing their rifles. Here's...
  8. SgtMaj65

    New GPR

    Finally decided to purchase a new Great Plains Rifle in .50-cal. and 1-in-60" twist about a day before I found out about the Lyman recall. However, I was able to find a new in box GPR that was 400 rifles outside the recall serial numbers and was made in January 2017. After more than a month of...
  9. SgtMaj65

    Olde Eynsford

    Need some help. I'm going to be shooting Olde Eynsford for the first time out of my T/C .50-cal. Renegade in a few weeks. I've finally exhausted all the Goex ffg I accumulated over 30-plus years as a Civil War re-enactor, when they used to give you a pound of the stuff when you were one of the...
  10. SgtMaj65

    Williams FP Hawken peep

    Anyone have any experience with or know which Lyman 17A globe front sight works best for target shooting with a Williams FP-Hawken rear sight on my .50-cal. Renegade? ”” Lyman 17AHB .404 or 17AML .494. Won't be shooting past 100 yards for range targets.
  11. SgtMaj65

    6-48 plug screws

    Does any one on here know if a 6-48 plug screw will fit in the two screw holes left when I remove my T/C Renegade stock adjustable sight. Going to replace it with a tang peep sight.
  12. SgtMaj65

    Traditions Prairie Hawken??

    Anyone on here have experience with a Traditions Prairie Hawken sidelock? I have a friend of a friend who is looking to sell one in .50 cal. and through my friend found out I shoot muzzleloaders and wanted to know if I was interested. I'm not at all familiar with Traditions muzzleloaders, just...
  13. SgtMaj65

    Barrel swabbing between shots

    Finally got to go to the rifle range with my .50 Renegade after some brutal below zero wind chills and a lot of wind here in Northern Oklahoma since just after Christmas. I've been experimenting with my own concoction ”” having scoured ML Forum and other threads on the subject of swabbing the...
  14. SgtMaj65

    Wiping barrel between shots

    Since I've been experimenting and getting re-acquainted with my T/C .50-cal. Renegade for about 4 months now at an outdoor range, I had been wiping my barrel between patched roundball target shots using Goex ff, mostly with bore butter. However, after reading a lot of posts here, I decided to...
  15. SgtMaj65

    Dry balled my ML

    It's not like I haven't done it before, but I rammed a ticking patch and ball into my .50 T/C Renegade barrel last weekend without powder (was talking at the range, wasn't concentrating) and since it was near the end of my day's shooting, I just brought my ML home to pull the ball. I'd been...
  16. SgtMaj65

    Rediscovered my Renegade

    I've had a .50-cal. T/C Renegade for decades now, and mostly only used it for deer hunting, and not at the range. We had a new outdoor range open a year and a half ago and I've been going out weekly over the past two months trying different configurations of patched ball lube, patches and BP...
  17. SgtMaj65

    Hey from Oklahoma

    Hey from Northern Oklahoma. Not new to muzzleloading at all, been shooting for 55 years and shooting black powder for about 40 of those. I'm a Civil War historian and was a CW living history re-enactor for about 30 years. Just getting back into BP again after a new outdoor range opened in my...