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    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    anyone happen to know of an available replacement lock that fits a centermark smoothie? seems parts unavailable now... thanks!
  2. RC

    Edward "Bucky" Fick 4/20/19

    A man that rendezvous from over 30 years in the East,, if you attended the Original, the Northeastern or the Eastern he was prolly on the range,, always willing to help and always able top make you smile, taught me tons and learned me much about life..he will be missed..and I've been blessed to...
  3. RC

    Finally !

    I finally did it! seems ferever wanted to harvest a buck with my Stroh smoothie,,finally sunday morn in rain wind and snow he came! about 40 yds before I could get shot then he was quartering away...I shot he went down strugglin to get up I struggled to reload an watch him..he finally got up...
  4. RC

    Hatfield 45....shouldered barrel?

    hey guys...friend of mine recently got a hatfield of a gun,,after shooting this weekend an having a few problems we discovered what seems to be a shouldered,,tapered in.if you put a bare ball in it it will not go down to touch hole,,stops just in front of...
  5. RC

    2016 ORIGINAL Northeastern cancelled

    this is NOT the NorthEastern held by the NLRHF..this one normally called the Original will not be held this year because couldn't find suitable location..2017 is to held Bennett Meadows MA.
  6. RC

    needed thicker patches....

    no idea why,,but seems my Stroh 62 Smoothie decided it wanted...needed.. thicker patches than .020...I measure the 20's I've used ferever hmm still .020 measure balls still .600's so started search for cotton patches or material, about.025 thick.. harder than you might think lol..but found...
  7. RC

    Original N'Easter Lincoln R.I. '14

    Not sure this belongs on this site,,but was jus informed by Booshway, that because some idiot BROKE the LAW an shot a deer within town limits,,that there will be no shooting allowed anywhere in town,or,,,at the Primitive rendezvous...because they made a NEW LAW that'll fix it,, geez :headslap:
  8. RC


    he did it Again! according to Swampy... "Saw this guy a couple of times limping, been calling him "Gimpy". Finally came out and gave me a clear shot at 4:40 tonight. Only dressed 130 lb, we found his left leg was broken and not much meat on his shoulder, from lack of use. Anyhow, two buck tags...
  9. RC

    Never,,EVER Give up..SWAMPY!

    even hurtin,,even when the old swamp rat gave up,,Swampy found a way to get some legs..,,prolly low cost long,long time easy financing,,(or sold another organ! :shocked2: ) got his whipped ,wore out butt in the woods,,and GOT HIM!
  10. RC

    next common size down from a .690 round ball?

    got me a perc.double barrel to use deer huntin if I want but not sure what...or how it shoots..inside barrel is just .700.........not sure if .690 will work with patch,(not gonna buy 25 @ $12 jus to try!) like to get a few 690's an maybe a few smaller..anyone know what next size down is that's...
  11. RC

    Original N'Eastern..'13

    was briefly held May22-23 near Sanborton N.H........on road 5.5 hrs wed.. got there set up 4 tents for 10 day vous! Thursday morn flood control Officers said we had to evacuate, river had risen 2 ft overnite and expected to raise by Friday morn..11-13 feet block the road in..any...
  12. RC

    2013 Eastern

    2013 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous, to take place Sept. 20-28, 2013, at Cooper's Lake, Slippery Rock, Pa., north of Pittsburgh
  13. RC

    took awhile..

    I was lucky enough to get invited to one of my bp shooting friends house for ml season..I took my 58 Roy Stroh transitional rifle 570 rb 80 grs 2ff.this doe an another came out of the swamp, caught Dan lookin the wrong way,,they stopped,and turned towards me.Dan couldn't shoot because deer were...
  14. RC

    n.y. youth hunt

    n.y. has signed a bill to let 14-15 yr olds hunt deer,w/firearms,with supervision...should get interesting..cause youth hunt weekend oct 6-8 is same as first weekend of bow season..wish..for everyone's sake..they had it the sat. and sunday before thanksgiving that is usually the opener anyway...
  15. RC

    "dunn and spencer" england dbl barrel 12ga. info?

    double barrel 12..england stamped on barrels,, a friend jus picked one up, was wonderin if anyone had any info,,heard of it? thanks!
  16. RC

    1862 enfield lock screw size?

    anyone happen to know what size screws are suppose to go in this 1862 enfield lock plate? neighbor bought it used,,an screws aren't right,,,want to run a tap thru an replace screws but cannot find size..thanks!
  17. RC

    see'd an Encon officer today,,well..2..

    they pulled up jus as lil bro an I were gonna leave fer home,,,asked how it went, we asked where the deer were, talked abit about an 8 pt a guy got...then................ "well guys, lets check make sure yer guns is unloaded" lil bro was standin outside the truck I was very carefully...
  18. RC

    fouling before hunting/shooting??

    got a gun,50 cal. shoots about 10-12" low on first shot outa clean gun.......after that, it's right on,tried it 4 times ,,tried more powder, an 495 ball, brings it up 2-3".........using .020 lubed patch.confuses me why 2-3-4-5 shots are grouped but not first....anyone have an fix?,,or an...
  19. RC

    Eastern Rendezvous in Virginia 9/23?

    anyone here going? I'm going fer the whole thing...looks to be a good one. Over 1250 pre reg..90 sutlers...........
  20. RC

    anyone know what this double is

    double barrel percussion smoothbore 62? no markings that I can find,,,it's only good would be wall hanger but I'd like to know what it is..Thanks!