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    Need help with identification.

    I have a New Orleans Ace and this (#3) is one.
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    My New Little Tin

    Place your object (iron, brass, zinc) in a large container or bag suspended off the floor and not in contact with walls. Place a wadded newspaper or paper towel saturated with vinegar into the container and seal it. Check within one hour, over night may produce desired results on brass, iron...
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    My New Little Tin

    If you use vinegar try fuming it. The vinegar fumes will often work much faster than the liquid and they create a deeper effect. The only issue is that you have to watch that it doesn't work too fast. In the liquid the acid concentration is about 5%, in the fumes it is more like 80% (chemists...
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    New Orleans Ace pistol problem

    My two NO Aces unscrew by hand and I always unscrew them to clean them out thoroughly. I made a lead jawed pipe wrench to tackle tough jobs like this, though my Aces have never given me trouble.
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    Infected, anyone else?

    My wife works with viruses and has looked at the RNA sequence for the COVID-19 virus. If there were "insertion sequences" or other evidence of manipulation it would be immediately and obviously evident to any researcher with even moderate skills. There isn't any evidence of anything other than...
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    Shellac help?

    Since this is a shellac thread let me inject: I did a corrosion test with a variety of different materials and, with high carbon steel, after 6 months of exposure to humid out-door air super blonde shellac gave me the best corrosion protection. For a hat blank I would recommend using a very...
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    Show me your flintlock pistol!

    Do what I do: go on Google Images and look at hundreds or thousands of images of originals! Of course, you get a view of what these guns look like after one or 200 years, but I want mine to look as authentic as possible. If you put a dark stain and a thin oil finish you can age it or reapply...
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    Show me your flintlock pistol!

    Here is mine. I have more work I would like to do; perhaps browning the metalwork. I have several coats of oil finish on this and don't like the smooth plastic appearing finish. A more open grain finish looks more natural, though this type of birch doesn't have much grain. It shoots OK...
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    Show us your range box!

    I like this thread. It should be continued or made "sticky"...
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    Rifleman's knife (almost a short sword)

    Out of curiosity I looked up images of gralloching blades and found lots of short hunting knives. defines gralloch as the entrails of a deer, so these seem to be field dressing knives, though it could easily be used for emasculating a bull.
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    Static and blackpowder.

    Is this why graphite is used as a component in black powder?
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    Is this blasphemous?

    And that is why I will build a .54 and learn to love it!
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    CMC pistols history

    I have two New Orleans Aces and still have the box for one of them. The box only says "Made in USA" and has no other manufacturing indications. I might be able to find the original instructions if the question is important enough. I like them, they are fun to shoot!
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    Is this blasphemous?

    That was the answer I was looking for!
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    Is this blasphemous?

    I want to make a flinter rifle. One that catches my eye is the Harpers Ferry 1803, which is a half stocked walnut in 54 cal. I usually shoot .50 and wonder how sacrilegious (or even possible) it would be to get a barrel for this made in .50 in stead of .54. This would make it easier and...
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    Original 18th century Virginia Rifle

    Does this rifle have multiple vent holes? Was this common?
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    Southern California

    What groups or clubs shoot black powder out of Burrow Canyon, near Azusa, CA.?
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    What's your favorite sharpening stone?

    I have a collections of different stones and the two that I find most useful are an extra fine diamond stone and plate glass with 2000 grit wet or dry. I also have a wood disk with 1500 grit wet or dry glued on that makes a great polishing wheel, though it shreds easily.
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    Crude oil stock finish?

    Old English Scratch Remover is a grocery store product that is essentially asphaltum and a petroleum dillutent, essentially just "crude oil". Many other furniture finishing products use asphaltum as a red-brown stain. Asphaltum is chemically stable (it is many millions of years old) and...
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    First ever high-end kit rifle.

    Actually, the brass crescent give the rifle a more "authentic" appearance. Probably many guns were modified or adapted like this. I like it!