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    Starr Carbine serial numbers issued to what unit?

    Springfield research service is your only hope of finding out what unit it was issued to, and that is a slim hope. There is information on only a very small percentage of serial numbers, there were no comprehensive records kept. You can pay Springfield research service to see if they have info...
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    Pulling A Drum

    No, definitely not. The hole is much too large and you would get a tremendous blast back out the hole. There may not even be enough pressure to push the ball out the barrel.
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    Side plate mortise woes

    That would have to be pretty darn cheap, the whole thing is pretty poorly done. It would be a lot of work to make it decent.
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    New hobby/ Hawken build

    Keep at it! You are at the toughest part. I built a few guns and at first thought, "nothing to it". I did a great job at nice clean inletting, drilling and tapping, cutting dovetails, etc. When it came to getting the lines right, the shape, getting the right flow of one area to another, I...
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    Kentuckian Jager(Italian).45 rifle

    I would definitely be more concerned about the lock than the bore size! Some of these were just so bad they could not be made to work.
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    A little Cabelas help please.

    That ebay guard is almost certainly from one of the "sporterized" Hawkens. These are not brass but as stated in the ebay add some kind of aluminum alloy.
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    Breach plug and flash hole

    Yes, something doesn't sound right here, definitely like to see some pictures.
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    A question for Mike Brooks

    Mike makes great guns, but Alexander Efremenko is THE MAN when it comes to French guns! Listen to him carefully!
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    Wild Inaccuracy with Pedersoli P53 Enfield.

    Yes, the sights on these rifles are often off. There aren't too many options, I ground off the post on one of mine and cut a slot in the base for a new one. The dovetail is really the best way to go, that way if you change bullets you can adjust your windage.
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    Pet Peeves

    calling a Hawken a Hawkins.
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    My first kit build

    Watch when you sand your lock panel, and the opposing panel. One common mistake is to round off the edge, you want to keep the panel edges clean and sharp.
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    Rate kits on difficulty: TVM, Chambers, Kibler, Pecatonica...

    The only ones I have done are Pecatonica and Track of the wolf and they were pretty much the same. There is plenty of work to do, breech plug needs to be fitted, holes drilled and tapped, dovetails cut for sights and underlugs, touch hole drilled and tapped for liner, drilling and pinning the...
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    Russian percussion rifle ID

    If it was Russian the writing would be in Cyrillic.
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    Tenn. Southern Mtn Rifle kit build from TOTW.

    My first thought too.
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    How do you prime your pan?

    My thoughts exactly, except I use 3f!
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    Cabelas' Hawken Flintlock

    Investarms used to make the Hawkens for Cabelas, in recent years they switched to Pedersoli.
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    pedersoli 1861 Colt Reproduction

    Armisport made the ones for Colt, or at least the parts for Colt and they may have been assembled here. They also made Amoskeag and EG Lamson 1861 Special repros for Chattahoochee Arms. I really don't know of Pedersoli ever making any.
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    pedersoli 1861 Colt Reproduction

    When did Pedersoli make a Colt rifle musket repro? I can't find anything about one.
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    Breech plug on India-made barrel

    Sorry, looks like you are on your own Dave! You hear so much about these India guns though, I would be interested in what you find out about the breech plug.
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    Shooting Original Rifle-Muskets?

    Sure, I've got an 1861 and an 1863 that I shoot. The '61 doesn't have much rifling left, but the '63 has sharp deep rifling and does well.