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  1. lou puleff


    Looking for original brass hardware for a fullstock grrw Indian trade rifle please send pm if you have for sale ? Thanks MS
  2. lou puleff

    SOLD Thompson center renegade lock and trigger

    For sale both items 110 dollars shipped also have some t/c screws (new) and other items shoot me a pm and I'll send you my phone # if you need some small parts I might have . Thanks
  3. lou puleff

    FOR SALE Thompson center tang

    1" tang has little imperfection on top but not real visible 40.00 shipped
  4. lou puleff

    FOR SALE Poser yeager lock castings

    Brand new flint castings with lock screw set purchased from the rifle shoppe lock item#653 and screw set item#653LSS 140.00 shipped
  5. lou puleff

    FOR SALE Davis Jaeger percussion lock

    Brand new but missing sear spring I can replace prior to sale or as is: 145.00 shipped
  6. lou puleff

    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Had a exact replica hat made out of beaver now I'm looking for the material to have the coat made does anyone know what those pants are he was wearing I know they have the stripe running down the side
  7. lou puleff

    SOLD Used rice .50 cal swamped barrel

    This was in a jager rifle I bought from doc years ago I put new rice barrel in gun so I just don't need it laying around my shop anymore. I had Jason at rice install new tang and install a rear sight blank and cut a new rear sight dovetail this was a extremely accurate barrel ! 100 dollars plus...
  8. lou puleff

    FOR SALE .50 cal Douglas pistol barrels for sale

    12" Douglas pistol barrels for sale no rust inside nice crowns on muzzle and threaded breach.100 dollars each or 100 for one your choice plus shipping
  9. lou puleff

    SOLD Shortened .58 cal grrw barrel

    For sale would make a great pistol barrel! Not sure why it was cut down but I bought it with a full length barrel and I didn't use it so up For sale it goes 100 dollars plus shipping No rust in barrel that's grease in it 7 lands and grooves 1-60 twist.
  10. lou puleff

    Looking for shooting/hunting buddy

    I live in Gilbert az and would like to find couple buddies to shoot and hunt with smoke poles I'm a member at Rio salado shooting range
  11. lou puleff

    Grrw trapper pistols

    Just bought my first grrw trapper ser# 69 will post pics when it gets here just wondering who's got one and the details on it. Pics would be great also !
  12. lou puleff

    Grrw Blue jacket Indian trade .54 cal rifle #6

    Just picked up a grrw blue jacket rifle the 6th he designed and made. He also did some unusual things on this rifle by stamping all the parts with the #6 as well as factory engraving which debunks previous theories of no factory engraving.he also did not stamp in the same fashion as has been...
  13. lou puleff

    looking for a experienced builder

    i have a percussion rifle that need to be built i have all the parts including the stock which has been channeled for my rice 7/8 straight barrel .36 cal and the lock has been inletted the rest of the build need to be completed.
  14. lou puleff

    trigger job for a single set big boar

    ok so i put together a all original big boar rifle and was horrified when i tried to pull the trigger as i am used to very nice triggers and like my triggers set at about 3lbs so i polished every part in the trigger group and got it a lot nicer and it breaks at about 5-1/2 lbs i read some forums...
  15. lou puleff

    folding leaf target sights

    i have a jeager .50 cal percussion rifle i use for shooting on my league it has a 31"rice swamped barrel that i am having jason at rice build me a new barrel for actually it's built i just sent the rear sight which is a folding double leaf sight that was on a old rifle this particular sight was...