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    How much powder?

    Now that I have secured some 3F and 4F powder, I would like to start doing some shooting with this "abortion of a gun" I bought. The Traditions Pa. Pellet. As soon as this 16 inches of snow is gone I plan to go to the range and play with my new toy and would like to get some suggestions on...
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    4F in the barrel

    It's not the click bait you might have thought. I found the powder I need and so I have a few questions. I've read everything I can here and I conclude that it's safe if you do it correctly ...... like anything else! What I am curious about is how you go about finding the sweetspot? I...
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    Five days of hunting in northwest Pa.

    I don't know if this abortion of a gun I bought (Traditions Pa. Pellet) can be classified "tradition muzzleloader" but I am really looking forward to the next 5 days. A great friend is coming up from Virginia and we are going to hunt the Allegheny National Forest in Elk and Forest counties of...
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    Swiss, German, Goex?

    I found a place that has powder but I do not know enough to know the difference in these powders. They told me that they have swiss and German in 3F. Is 3F, 3F no matter what?
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    Flint/frizzen relationship?

    I searched but couldn't find the answer, maybe it's because I am a rookie and didn't know how to find it. I have noticed that my flint does not go all the way down sometimes and I wonder if that is normal? I have read that you want the flint to neatly slide down the frizzen, and while mine...
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    Taxidermy in northwest Pa.

    Does anyone know of a good taxidermist in northwest Pa. I hunt in Elk and Forest counties and had what I think is going to be a bad experience this year. I shot a beautiful coyote and the story behind the hunt and the shot were special so I wanted to get it mounted. I asked the local butcher...
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    Keeping your powder dry

    I have read that black powder absorbs moisture and ambient humidity pretty easily. This weekend I did some hunting in Pa. and it was damp out. Our only way to get an opportunity was to put on small drives through thickets and clearcuts. This meant priming the pan for 20-30 minutes and then...
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    Help me get started properly

    I am reading everything I can find in preparation for the weekend in the ANF and I have a couple simple questions I hope will give me the best chance of success. I have read that the "flint angle" is important. I have read that where the flint strikes the frizzen is important. Does the type of...
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    I have so much to learn!

    I just bought my first flintlock and I realize I have a lot to learn! It was actually refreshing to buy a gun and have to read how to use it! I have owned and shot so many guns I honestly believe I could pick up any gun in the world and be ready to shoot it in under a minute .....except a...
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    Traditions Pa. Pellet Inexpensive or cheap?

    First off, let me say that I am brand new to flintlock hunting. I have been hunting my entire life and been around guns my entire life. I have hunted with in line muzzle loaders for many years. I bought the Pa. Pellet for the simple reason that it gave me the ability to hunt for a few more weeks...
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    New member from Ohio

    Hello: I am a life long hunter and have owned and shot too many guns to list but I have just now started the journey of flintlock hunting. I will hunt mainly in the Allegheny National Forest of Pa. and the main reason I started this hobby was simply to be able to hunt a few more weeks every...