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  1. Toneloc

    Favorite Muzzleloader sayings

    Had a conversation today where I told a co-worker I needed some input on the history of a sales discussion with our client (I’m in operations) because I didn’t want to go off half cocked. Got me thinking of some other sayings that have muzzleloader origins… Lock stock and barrel. Keep your...
  2. Toneloc

    Advice needed for stock chip

    So wanted to get some input on this chipped out part of my stock. Early on had a “can’t have nothing nice” type moment and chipped a small part of the toe. Not even sure when it happened, so unfortunately couldn’t locate the broken chunk. Initially I was thinking about a toe plate anyhow...
  3. Toneloc

    Soft jaws for vise

    What’s your favorite soft jaws for gripping stock during build? Getting ready for Kibler build. I’ve got a set of plastic ones, but they are pretty beat up from years of mechanics type work….worried they would mark up a stock. Was thinking to make a fresh set with some plywood….curious what...
  4. Toneloc

    Tap or not (powder measure)?

    I know consistency is the key...just curious what most guys do when measuring out BP. Do you tap your measure to settle the powder first? Or do you just pour into measure? Or non-traditional and weigh out your charges?
  5. Toneloc

    Kibler SMR build tips

    Pulled the trigger on a Kibler SMR in .45 yesterday. The wait begins. This will be my first muzzy I've put together, though I've been a wood worker, professional tinkerer, and hack gunsmith my whole life. Thought I'd check for lessons learned. Anything you wish that you knew or would have...
  6. Toneloc

    Ramrod retention - TC Hawken

    Have often had issues with Ramrod wanting to slide up when carrying gun with sling. Have pried on the spring some to put a little more tension, but not much improvement. Previously broke a spring doing that on my TC Renegade so not wanting to get too aggressive there. Think I got a...
  7. Toneloc

    Sons first Flintlock kill - late season PA

    My son had some success last night in PA. Cold afternoon, around 15F to start and dropped to 10F. Public land …we jumped a few deer on way into the spot and kinda felt like our odds where low. His attitude was not the best after that happened….but to his credit, he turned it around. By 4:50...
  8. Toneloc

    WANTED Thompson Center Tree Hawk 12 ga

    Looking for a 12 ga Treehawk. Planning to take the boy to Kentucky for the youth gobbler weekend this spring. Area we’ll be hunting is near a 7000 acre primitive area….thinking would fun to have that option to hunt. Thanks ahead on any leads
  9. Toneloc

    Top Jaw Screw Thread size - Great Plains vs. TC Hawken

    Hey Guys: Believe the TC Hawken top jaw screws are #12-24 thread size. Would any happen to know if the Lyman great plans is the same thread size? Thanks. Tony