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    Hello from Nor Cal

    Hi, Welcome from the Bay area. Richard
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    Hello from Northern California

    welcome from Northern Cal Bay area. I was just up in that area for the Hang Town Steam puck and west event.
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    New from California

    Welcome Nothern Cal
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    Hello from California!

    If you include the whole state, you could make 6 small states. When i worked out of Great Britain 20mile was consider a whole new country
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    Hello from California!

    Welcome from Northern California SF Bay area
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    Any West Coasters attending Civil War Days in Elk Grove, CA?

    It an event that I will have to see if I can attend. I live in the bay area so it's about hour and half drive. It looks like it could be a great day.
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    New member

    Welcome from Northern California.
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    Hi from the San Fransisco east bay area. Looking for a club and /or range that is not too far to drive to. Trying to get back into shooting bps again after 40 years.
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    Wish everyone on the forum a prosperous New Year of shooting

    From California Bay area I wish everyone on the Forums a prosperous New Year of Shooting Richard
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    New Member from CA

    Welcome from the California bay area
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    Hello from California, East Bay

    Just retired and looking to get back into Muzzle loading. It has been forty plus year. looking for a range since they closed Chabot couple of year back. Richard