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  1. medicine_duck

    Two Feathers

    Received my cartouche knife today and couldn't be more pleased. Excellent craftmanship and a heck of a nice guy to deal with. Outstanding communication though out the entire transaction. He even threw in a hand forged vent pick as an extra surprise. I hope to own some more of his fine working...
  2. medicine_duck

    Persona with a Wilson Trade Gun

    I know I'm working backwards here, but I would l like to build a persona and add to my "kit" based on my guns that have appealed to me. I have a Wison pattern trade gun and a NW canoe gun. What time period and locations would these fit in? I dont want to go too late and I would like to get a...
  3. medicine_duck

    Liner for a bag

    Anyone here ever made a lining for a completed shooting pouch? I am thinking about putting a liner in one, but I don't. Want to take it apart. Any ideas?
  4. medicine_duck

    Hello from N.W. Arkansas

    Hello the camp. I got into muzzleloading in the 80's and have drifted in and out, but she keeps calling me back. :grin: I loved going to the shoots, but just kind of got busy and drifted away. Like many, I started in the Mountain Man era and have drifted back in time since. Love the long...