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    CVA Colonial Pistol

    Saw a kit at an estate sale today. A few things may be missing. Did not see a trigger guard though. Would the Kentucky pistol guard maybe interchangeable? Could get it for $30 tomorrow, but not sure if I could find any missing parts as needed. Had the barrel, nipple, lock, side plate, stock, and...
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    Squirrel loads

    Soon to go hunting with my new to me double barrel 12. What size shot and shot to powder ratios do you like to use when hunting the* chicken of the trees*?
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    Shotgun short starter

    Just bought a like new 12 gauge Pedersoli. No choke tubes. One barrel is really snug when checking the barrels for cardboard wad fit. Do not see any markings on the barrel referring to choke size. Does anyone have to use a short starter on their shotguns?
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    1860bolt issue

    Bought a Pietta 1860 at the gun show today. I believe it to be new, no powder residue , and original box. Passed the function test. Took it apart for cleaning. upon reassembly, the bolt will not drop down on half cock. Removed the trigger guard, bolt spring not broken. Took the spring out...
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    CVA kentuckey hunter

    I see one for sale locally. Percussion, no patch box, 33 1/2 inch barrel, half stock, 2 barrel keys, 50 caliber. Looks like a Mountain rifle. Never heard of this model before. Any one else know about this rifle?
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    Rear sight adjustment

    I have an Enfield carbine, not adjustable for windage. Rifle shoots about 4 inches left at 50 yards. Thought about filing one side of the rear sight for correction. Would I need to file left or right for the fix?
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    1851 sear issues

    Rescued a fancy brass framed 1851 sheriff. Needed a new trigger and sear. Made in Italy, stamped PR on the bottom of the grip frame. Bought one of each off Ebay. After installation, at half cock, the hammer falls when the trigger is pulled. Also, at half cock, if you push the hammer by hand, it...
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    4F in .31 1849

    Anyone here with any experience doing this? I inherited a pound of 4F with a rifle, so it is like a lifetime using this with my flinters. Have read a little on the internet, but wanted to hear from our experts on this forum.
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    Leather stacked knife handle

    Picked up a nice knife, made from a file. Just wondering how far back in time stacked leather handles goes.
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    Cook Bros. lock problem

    My rifle's hammer falls to half cock when I pull the trigger. Removed the lock and saw nothing unusual. Would take a picture, but not savvy enough to know how, PC challenged. Did a forum search with no hits. Not sure what to do??
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    New Orleans Ace

    Just inherited one from my late father in law. Not sure what to use it for. Maybe load with shot in case Mr. Copperhead wants to share my turkey stand. Anyone have any experience with one of these?
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    Just wondering what type of cappers were used back when. I use leather, and both styles of the Ted Cash cappers, not sure if these are H/C. All I can find are the Patterson cappers. Handling a little tin must have been tough when the wagons were under attack.
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    English shot flask

    Is there some way to adjust the head. My problem is the metal gate(?) closest to the bag blocks the spout by about two thirds, so even when I shake the bag, I am getting a small amount of shot in the spout. I have seen pictures on the net where this gate is just barely covering the back of the...
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    Hair trigger

    Just bought a used 1851. Good shape overall. But, it has a hair trigger on it, more than I like. Any tricks to fix this, thanks in advance.
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    Clay pipe leaks

    I have one of the real small clay pipes, I think they are called the 16th century Elizabethans. After a few bowls, tar starts leaking out of the pipe at the base of the bowl. I clean the stem often, had one I broke did the same thing. I never have this problem with my bigger clays, just this one...
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    Enfield shoots high

    I recently bought a Euroarms Enfield artillery carbine. This thing shoots at least a foot high at 50 yards, even with a 6 o'clock hold on the bullseye. I realize I hay have to have a new sight dovetailed to fix this. I really do not want to do this, only as a last resort. Funny, on the barrel it...
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    4F and .31 caliber

    Just wondering. Has anyone used 4F in their guns of this caliber? I have a 1849 pocket and a pound of 4F going nowhere fast. Not a lot of first hand info on the net. looking for info and opinions from the many pros on this forum, thanks.
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    Paper cartridges and caps

    As I understand, paper cartridges were popular back in the day. but I have always wondered about the caps. Was the military issued cappers? I have seen Colt cappers, but no original Remington cappers. Or were there caps somehow enclosed in the boxes? Just cannot imagine trying to use a tin of...
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    Revolver paper cartridges with caps

    If I remember correctly, did not some boxes come with caps also? Were these caps enclosed in a paper tube back then? Cannot remember now, but I think I saw a You Tube video of someone capping his revolver from such a tube. Thoughts, anyone?
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    Factory paper cartridges with caps

    I have seen a few pictures of original boxes with what looks like a small tube. If I remember right, each box came with caps. Would the small tube be the cap container? Wonder how they were used, if this was correct. Come to think of it, I thought once I saw a video of someone capping a...