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  1. J

    Track of the Wolf

    I am good about complaining when a company upsets me but not great about giving credit when it is due. So this is to give Track of the Wolf credit for it customer service. On Dec 1st I ordered some items from TOW. They shipped it on Monday the 4th, and sent me a tracking number. I tracked...
  2. J

    October Country Sporting Rifle

    Has anyone had any experience with the October Country Sporting Rifle? Their web sight says it is designed after an English sporting rifle. It looks like a Rigby design. Their web sight list the following load for the .69 caliber: "Using 225 grains of ffg the 69. caliber is 2000 fps, 4300...
  3. J

    Hunting clothes

    So I am wondering what you wear when you go hunting. Are you trying to be as 1800s authentic as possible? Or 1700s if that is the time you prefer. Most of my hunting clothing is wool except some warm weather clothing that is camouflage. The wool clothing I wear is not period correct it is just...
  4. J

    Trade Gun Barrel Length

    I am thinking about getting a trade rifle. I have a Lyman GPR and would like to add a smooth bore that I can use for small game and maybe deer down the road. So my question is - The NSW has three barrel lengths to choose from 30, 36, or 41. Does anyone have any thoughts about what one would...
  5. J

    Predator Hunting with Lyman and lead free round ball

    I have been working up a "traditional" load that I can use in California's lead free areas (soon to be the entire state). I have been working with the ITX .54 cal. round balls. At 50 yards they shoot about the same point of impact as regular lead PRB. I have been shooting them with my Lyman...
  6. J

    Unethical Hunters???

    Ok this is part three of my experiences while elk hunting in Idaho. One morning while we were hunting we noticed two hunters working a ridge opposite us. They were bugling and both carrying long guns. Watching them through the spotting scope I could tell one was a boy 12-15 or so and one was...
  7. J

    Animals you might see in Idaho

    So during the three weeks we were in Idaho I got to see some nice animals. I got video of a few. I thought I would shame them with you. Coyote Beaver Grouse...
  8. J

    Moose on the loose in Idaho

    My dad and I were headed to an area we had been elk hunting in, and it required about a 2 hour drive on back roads. It was still quite dark and I noticed a large figure in my headlights. As I got closer I could see it was a moose. A very large bull. We had seen several moose on the trip...
  9. J

    Back From Idaho

    Well I would love to tell you my dad an I got two huge elk, but that would not be the case. We had a great time and a few adventures I will relay in a couple of threads. To start with I had made a bunch of phone calls to biologist and residence of the area. The biologist told me to hunt down...
  10. J

    Headed out.

    Made it half way to the area we are elk hunting in and checked into Motel 6. Should be there tomorrow before dark. That gives me two days to scout beforw season opens on Friday.
  11. J

    Jedidiah Smith

    Does anyone know what make or caliber guns he carried? When he was killed he was suppose to be carrying a rifle and two pistols, but i can not find any info on them. I guess they were probably flintlocks because of the time frame. Thanks
  12. J

    Elk Hunt Advice

    My dad and I got drawn for an Idaho Unit 54 Bull Muzzle loader Tag. We are both shooting Lyman Great Plains Rifles. I a shooting a 54 Caliber Great Plains Hunter with Hornady Great Plains Bullets. I have shot one elk with it and it worked good. My dad is shooting a 50 Caliber with PRB. It...
  13. J

    Lyman 57GPR on left handed rifle?

    Has anyone put a Lyman 57GPR sight on a Left Handed Great Plains Rifle? If so was there enough clearance for the hammer to work? Thanks
  14. J

    Muzzleloader during modern rifle season

    Well I got draw for a deer tag in an area I have never hunted before. On the weekend of Aug 31st and Sep. 1st I am going to go scout the area for two days. The area I got drawn for is a general rifle area but I can use a muzzleloader if I want. I am leaning very heavily toward just hunting...
  15. J

    Hair on shooting bag?

    I have an elk hide tanned with the hair on. I am thinking about making a shooting bag with it. I have not seen many shooting bags with the hair on. Is there a reason not to make a shooting bag out of elk hide with the hair still on? I do not want to use the hide for this if it is a bad...
  16. J

    Knife Suggestions

    Does anyone have suggestions for a H/C Pre 1850 knife that they like? If so could you tell me the make and where I might find one. Any pictures would be appreciated. I am looking to use it as a skinning/general purpose camp knife. Thank You
  17. J

    Stock Inletting Question

    I stripped the finish off my Lyman GPR so I could refinish it. See below picture on progress. What I would like to do is take the ivory from the elk I shot and inlet it into the bottom of the stock. See pic #2. I have never done anything...
  18. J

    Need your perspective

    Ok I have a question for you all. I live in an area that is “lead Free”, meaning I can not hunt big game with any bullet that has any lead in it. I bought the Lyman GPH because of the fast twist so I could shoot sabots in it. Now that I have been shooting it with lead I do not want to shoot...
  19. J

    Need Suggestions for hunting equipment

    Ok I need some suggestions for those who have been muzzleloader hunting for a while. A lot of the hunting I do is in wilderness area where I have to carry everything I need with me either in a pack or on horse. When I hunted with a modern rifle I just carried 9 rounds and my rifle. This would...