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    Lee 12 cavity 490 mold

    At a recent event I drew a Lee Precision 12 cavity .490 ball mold from the prize table. Yes, 12 cavity! This item is not listed on the Lee website, I have never seen another like it, and have no idea who donated it. The design is like the Lee buckshot molds, in that the two blocks have two...
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    Colorado State ML Championships August 12-14, 2022

    The 2022 Colorado State shoot will be at the Fort Lupton Muzzle Loading Club on August 12-14. Great range, purpose built for muzzle loading. Events for everyone- cap, flint, bullseye, hunter, pistol, smoothbore and more. Motels and restaurants nearby, or camp at the range. FLMLC is just...
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    Tinkering with Traditions locks and touchholes

    Sorry about the earlier blank post. I got some "help" from the cat, who occasionally flops on the keyboard for a tummy rub. During these COVID times I put together two Traditions flintlock rifle kits, one I was gifted and one where I was assisting a kid in our rifle club. Both had serious...
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    Making Do......

    Ran out of #11 caps, and couldn't find any for sale. Realized I had several hundred #10 caps left from revolver project. They won't go on a #11 nipple, but fit just fine on a #11 filed down to accept the #10 size. Chucked a new #11 nipple in the drill press, then removed metal a little at a...
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    Source for molding scrapers

    Recently I saw scrapers specifically for forming moldings on upper stock forends and lower sides of buttstocks. Not sure where I came across them, in a magazine, catalog, online, ? Can anyone give me a lead on these tools? Thanks!
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    Immoveable Traditions sights

    A while ago I posted about reworking the lock on a new BP shooters Traditions Kentucky flinter. Reduced the trigger pull from over the Lyman gauges limit down to 6 lbs, opened up the pan, and thinned toe of frizzen to get better access to pan. Now a new problem has been found- can't get the...
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    Twelve cavity Lee mold

    I must be getting bored with the enforced idleness of Covid-19 isolation. Granted I have built two rifles and get to the range about once a week, but having been a free-range retiree I still feel stifled. A year and a half ago the Boulder Rifle Club had its summer shoot and barbecue, with a...
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    Big diameter ball, small diameter puller solution

    Yesterday at the range I got to be clever. A shooter with a European made Civil War* rifle suffered a cracked nipple. No replacement was available,. and there was a load in the barrel. Relatively new to muzzle loading, he did not have a screw-type ball puller. Well, I had one in the patchbox of...
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    Unbreakable ramrod

    There used to be an outfit that advertised on the Forum for making unbreakable or indestructible ramrods. They were wood with a steel inner core. I think I need one, having destructed two of the very delicate ramrods for my 40 flinter. Does anyone have contact info for this outfit? Thanks!
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    Breech plug won't budge

    Recently rec'd a new kit from a reputable supplier. It has a Green Mountain barrel, with the breech plug installed. I need to get it out for two reasons, firstly to set the barrel down and back squarely against the wood, and secondly I want to file a taper on the lug of the plug. I can't get...
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    Need advice faux striping

    What with being confined to the house- I'm in the at risk groups- I have progressed steadily in putting together a southern mountain -type rifle, in the plainest piece of maple I have ever seen. That's on purpose, I asked for plain wood with an eye toward trying faux striping such as Leman used...
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    Identify maker & need repair of CC&R round face flintlock

    Recently acquired a Caywood Wilson 20 gauge smoothie. Screw holding frizzen in this unbridled frizzen lock is sheared off at the lock plate. Lock is marked CC&R on the inside, has bow, two arrows and an ear of corn lightly engraved in the rear of the rounded lock plate. Lock plate is a hair over...
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    1803 Harpers Ferry rib attachment

    Does any one know how the rib was attached on the original 1803 Harper's Ferry rifles? Was it soldered in place, or secured in place with screws?
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    Traditions Crockett breech type

    I've just been given a Traditions Crockett 32 cal kit. I really don't want a 32 caliber rifle- pea size balls don't do well in Colorado winds, and my arthritic hands will drop ittyy-bitty balls. What to do? My thought is to have the barrel rebored to 40 caliber; my favorite flinter is a 40 that...
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    Use heat gun for BC Browning?

    I no longer have access to a humidity box for browning, nor the pizza oven used several times to brown with the Birchwood Casey solution. Has anyone tried using a heat gun to bring a barrel up to sizzle temperature? Is there any problem with heating a section at a time? Thanks for any advice!
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    Glad I found this site

    Good morning all! Glad I found this site. I am Stewart Leach, AKA Grey Fox, of Boulder, Colorado. To get to Boulder you go the edge of reality and turn left. However, if you want to join our 700 member rifle club, you'll be on a waiting list for at least five years. For many years my shooting...