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    Connecticut Valley Arms Squirrel Rifle .32 cal

    Put together one of these from a Traditions kit. Due to a couple of manufacturing goofups had to do a good bit of woodworking. However, in the end this has turned out to be a very good rifle for spot and stalk cottontail rabbit hunting. I find accuracy is best with .310 ball, thin twill...
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    Pillow ticking patch material?

    Pillow ticking from Wally Mart is my first choice for testing with a new gun. It gets washed and dried on hottest machine settings, then ironed to make it easier to cut into strips. Other fabrics I find good for patching are Bottomweights Twill on the thinner side, and #40 cotton pocket drill...
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    Lee 12 cavity 490 mold

    At a recent event I drew a Lee Precision 12 cavity .490 ball mold from the prize table. Yes, 12 cavity! This item is not listed on the Lee website, I have never seen another like it, and have no idea who donated it. The design is like the Lee buckshot molds, in that the two blocks have two...
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    Carrying pre lubed patches

    I use an empty shoe polish tin. Right size, good seal, easy to open.
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    Colorado State ML Championships August 12-14, 2022

    The 2022 Colorado State shoot will be at the Fort Lupton Muzzle Loading Club on August 12-14. Great range, purpose built for muzzle loading. Events for everyone- cap, flint, bullseye, hunter, pistol, smoothbore and more. Motels and restaurants nearby, or camp at the range. FLMLC is just...
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    Tinkering with Traditions locks and touchholes

    Sorry about the earlier blank post. I got some "help" from the cat, who occasionally flops on the keyboard for a tummy rub. During these COVID times I put together two Traditions flintlock rifle kits, one I was gifted and one where I was assisting a kid in our rifle club. Both had serious...
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    Making Do......

    Ran out of #11 caps, and couldn't find any for sale. Realized I had several hundred #10 caps left from revolver project. They won't go on a #11 nipple, but fit just fine on a #11 filed down to accept the #10 size. Chucked a new #11 nipple in the drill press, then removed metal a little at a...
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    New here from Colorado

    Welcome Sheephunter! If you are on the Front Range, get in touch with Colorado Springs Muzzle Loaders, Fort Lupton Muzzle Loading Club, and Buckhorn Skinners. All have websites, have monthly shoots.
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    Lyman's Great Plains Flintlock Rifle....Good & Bad??

    When I came back to BP shooting and hunting after a long layoff I didn't have much in the way of shop space or tools, so bought a lefty GP of the flint persuasion in 54 caliber. Glad I did! Rifle has been very reliable and accurate. This was purchased in 2005, so is of Investarms manufacture...
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    Removal of stuck patch and hardware

    Just this past weekend I got distracted and dry balled my 40 cal flinter at the Colorado Squirrel Rifle Championships. Was shown that a rubber-tipped blower will work on a flinter if you really mash the tip down hard on the vent. The rifle was lain on its side so the tip could get some real...
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    What are your specific offhand shooting exercises if you do any?

    Everything flint62smoothie said, with one little wrinkle I added to my NRA and CMP career with three different service rifles. In Colorado there are highpower matches- and muzzleloading- available year-round, but the serious season starts in April. As part of my 10 minutes daily offhand dry...
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    Look up chert in Colorado on the net. Most easily worked deposits are on the far side of the divide. I have found good stone in the Sand Wash Basin in Moffat County. While there check out the wild horses. More than a few years ago on an antelope hunt I stopped for lunch near a spring just south...
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    Trail tarp advice?

    In my Boy Scouts days- many moons ago- I made and used several tarp tents from the design in the old scout manual with the Great Spirit rising in the smoke from a campfire. Made one again a few years ago, out of #40 cotton pocket drill fabric, a light canvas. Finished size is 9 x 9 feet. The BSA...
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    Which Flints Produce the Best Spark?

    I get good results from English black and French tan flints. Upon receiving a bag of a dozen the flints are sorted into three piles: Good- thin, flat, even across top and bottom. Save for hunting and match shooting. Okay- thicker, maybe a bit uneven on top and bottom. Use for training...
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    SOLD Scottish Broach

    Probably in the traditional way with a wide belt. The brooch would hold the two tails together, crossing at the shoulder.
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    Soft jaws for vise

    Leather is great, glued to long U-shaped pieces of 3/4 inch plywood. Don't make mistake of having tops of your jaw liners go much above the tops of the actual metal vice jaws. About a year ago I was given a piece of used conveyor belt. Made a new set of jaw liners using that, and they are...
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    Traditions Hawken Rear Sight Help

    There is a lot to think about when replacing sights, such as mounting system, height above the barrel, widths, and more. The sight you pictured is intended to be mounted in a dovetail cut into the top flat of the barrel. Cutting a dovetail is precision work. You have to get it square, and of...
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    Source for molding scrapers

    Recently I saw scrapers specifically for forming moldings on upper stock forends and lower sides of buttstocks. Not sure where I came across them, in a magazine, catalog, online, ? Can anyone give me a lead on these tools? Thanks!
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    Help me get started properly

    I can only say Amen and Amen to the advice of Flintlokr. After 60 plus years of shooting modern arms, including real success in NRA and CMP Highpower Rifle competition, I took up muzzle loaders. My thanks to all those at Boulder Rifle Club, Ft Lupton ML Club, Buckhorn Skinners, Colo St ML Assn...
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    The basic ingredients of black gunpowder are simple- saltpeter for the oxygen supply, charcoal for the fuel, and sulfur to encourage combustion. In the old days the primary source for saltpeter was a "nitre bed", where multi-sourced manures, urines, straw and other organic material were...