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  1. bubba.50

    CLOSED Complete TC New Englander rear sight

    Need a complete New Englander rear sight for a reasonable price.
  2. bubba.50

    FOR SALE TC tang peep sight***Reduced***Again***Update on ad***

    Excellent TC tang peep sight for sale. Has curved base for New Englander and similar TC models but, I’ve used them on Renegade/Hawken models too with no problems. $160.00 shipped or $115.00 plus a complete New Englander rear sight.
  3. bubba.50

    WITHDRAWN Scope and mount for TC New Englander and similar TC models

    Includes barrel mount, quick detach base and rings, Tasco 3 x 9 x 32 Pronghorn scope. This set-up offsets the scope a bit to the left so you don’t have to bend the hammer. Quick Detach base is for a round barrel but it mounts securely to the barrel base. Nothing special about the scope but it’s...
  4. bubba.50

    SOLD 1971 Dixie catalog and Sibley’s powderhorn book***Lower price, Shipping change***

    Dixie cover discolored/dingy and coming unglued at thhe spine. No marks/bent/torn pages. Sibley book excellent but cover curled. Swiss army knife not included, just there to hold the cover down. $24.45 shipped padded flat rate mailer.
  5. bubba.50

    FOR SALE Williams peep sight for Hawken***Partial trade added***Lowered price***

    Williams peep. To fit TC Hawken and similar guns. May need spacer or just a bit of clearance for Renegade. $80.00 shipped.
  6. bubba.50

    SOLD TC tang peep sight***SOLD***

    TC tang peep sight for sale. Has the flat bottom for Hawkens, Renegades etc. but I have also used them on New Englanders and such. Just gotta play with the screws. $150.00 shipped anywhere not restricted. Now $135.00 shipped.
  7. bubba.50

    SOLD Percussion Renegade breechplug

    As shown. $54.00 shipped lower 48
  8. bubba.50

    SOLD Renegade sights

    Will also fit TC Hawkens that use the shorter sight. Will include mounting screws. $28.00 shipped lower 48
  9. bubba.50

    SOLD Fixed buckhorn rear sight for TC guns

    Has three holes to fit both styles of rear sights on TC rifles. I’ve never used it but looks like holes spaced right. Will include mounting screws. $25.00 shipped lower 48
  10. bubba.50

    SOLD Early TC Hawken rear sight.

    Needs elevation screw available from TOTW and need to take a small nail to make pivot pin. Will include mounting screws. $20.00 shipped lower 48
  11. bubba.50

    SOLD TC tang peep for Hawken etc.

    It’s the flat bottom sight for Hawken/Renegade/White Mountain etc. but I’ve used them on New Englanders as well. $160.00 to your door USPS Priority mail. And “I’ll take it” posted here will trump a “PM sent”.
  12. bubba.50

    FOR SALE Percussion TC Renegade stock

    Very nice, complete percussion TC Renegade stock for sale. One small blemish under lock and a small glued chip at the swivel stud hole. Hard to see but, about an inch long crack in the dark streak above the lock bolt. Does not go through the lock bolt hole and will have no effect on the shooting...
  13. bubba.50

    SOLD 50cal percussion TC roundball barrel to fit Renegade

    50cal percussion roundball barrel from the TC custom shop. One tiny nick on a corner keeps it from looking factory new. Also needs rear sight elevation screw availablt from TOTW for 5 bucks. Bore looks new, can’t tell it’s ever even been fired. Has the QLA that puts some people off but I’ve...
  14. bubba.50

    SOLD 15/16ths 3-hole TC Hawken tang for sale.

    Nice shape. Screw heads a bit boogered up. Don’t have the plug screw for the middle hole. $35.00 shipped lower 48 anywhere not restricted.
  15. bubba.50

    WITHDRAWN TC double-set triggers for sale. No interest.

    Nice shape, function as they should. Has hole for forward through-bolt tang screw. $45.00 shipped lower 48 anywhere not restricted.
  16. bubba.50

    WITHDRAWN TC percussion lock for sale. No interest.

    Came off a Renegade stock but will fit all full size TC models. Colors a bit faded & a couple small rust spots. Functions as it should. $80.00 shipped lower 48 anywhere not restricted.
  17. bubba.50

    WITHDRAWN Renegade stock for sale. No interest.

    Nice solid dark walnut stock for sale. No lock, tang, or triggers. Has factory recoil pad. Has the through-hole for bolt that goes through to triggerguard but guard doesn’t have the matching threaded hole indicating parts have been swapped around. So it has a plastic screw anchor to use regular...
  18. bubba.50

    SOLD 54cal New Englander for sale

    Nice gun in excellent overall condition. Bore had a bit of red fuzz. Gave it a quick cleaning with some TC foaming cleaner. Very good bright shiny bore shows just a bit of etching. A better cleaning and it would be excellent. $275.00 shipped lower 48 anywhere not restricted. Check from people I...
  19. bubba.50

    SOLD White mountain carbine barrel

    Nipple threads were stripped so I replaced breechplug with an extra Hawken plug I had. Side & three bottom flats lined up good. Top three a couple thousandths proud of the barrel. Bore VG/Ex sight screws broke off no ramrod but I can send a Hawken rod with it you can cut down. Blue fading in...
  20. bubba.50

    WITHDRAWN thin white/natural color leather

    I'd like to find for not much money a couple square feet of thin natural rawhide or leather. I think it's sometimes referred to as 'parchment leather'. Saw a couple old CVA's cut down & made into 'blanket guns' and they used leather like this for faux repairs to cover up the stock/for-end joint...