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  1. Brent

    Whistle pig with the 45

    That's too bad.
  2. Brent

    Inlay black

    White board markers work better, Blue is best in my opinion.
  3. Brent

    Bobby Hoyt rebore results

    Actually, they were soldered more often than shrink fit, but epoxy or thread locker is the way to go today. It is exceedingly common and successful. Won't damage the finish like heating can.
  4. Brent

    Need advice on difficult loading PRB

    I think what works is what works. All the time everytime. Wins medals, kills deer, shoots all day, and has for decades. That is "what works". Wonderlubed patches are fine in my guns and in yours. We all shoot the same powder, the same steel, the same weather. We will all have the same results.
  5. Brent

    Need advice on difficult loading PRB

    Who knew? I've only been using it and prelubed patches for a quarter century so far. Seems to work perfectly for me.
  6. Brent

    Javelina with a flintlock southern rifle…

    Definitely one of the best eating game animals anywhere. Congratulations on a great hunt. I definitely would like to fill my freezer with some javelina again.
  7. Brent

    Underhammer stock and action?

    It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Obviously, it's not worth much to you. What did you pay for it? That would be a good starting point. Frankly, this is a piece for an auction and letting the market decide.
  8. Brent

    What do you use to keeps nipples from seizing?

    Shotgun choke tube grease works perfectly, and I recommend pulling your nipples every time you clean. I have never had a nipple problem doing this.
  9. Brent

    No more trail cameras allowed in Utah

    Good move for Utah.
  10. Brent

    Lyman GPR current production quality ?

    By this same logic, it cannot be proved that Neanderthals did not build half stock, flintlock Hawkens as well. If an authentic specimen does not exist and no authentic records to that effect exist, then you really have to put it in the "didn't happen" category.
  11. Brent

    Folding Peep Sight

    That is mighty find work, and worth every penny. In fact, for the amount of work and detail, that's cheap. A good, bolt-on tang sight will run you as much as $500. Tom A Hawk's sight is pretty darn nice too from what I can see. As a person that has extreme difficulty seeing the barrel...
  12. Brent

    The GOEX Plant is shutting down

    Not sure what this has to do with muzzleloading, but you need to look at their website again. Also, it is pretty easy to develop Bi loads from Pb loads, but there are explicit Bi loads for Longshot. I use them.
  13. Brent

    Is Swiss powder "the best" for general BP shooting

    The answer is simply, Yes.
  14. Brent

    Plugging muzzle for browning

    You can make a pretty good boiling tank out of a piece of aluminum gutter, two endcaps, 6 sheet metal screws, and some silicone caulking. I always plug my barrels when rust bluing. You don't have to, but it sure makes me feel better. I use neoprene expansion nuts/plugs. You can buy them at a...
  15. Brent

    Yet another question that has me baffled . . .

    I store half of my guns with muzzles up and half with muzzles down. Mostly because it saves space. Robby, if you turn that sanding machine on and use it, does your wife have to spend the next week dusting off all of your rifles and books?
  16. Brent

    Vernier sight

    I got them by posting a request on line. But what maker is your vernier sight? If you said, I missed it. They will not interchange between makers.
  17. Brent

    Vernier sight

    Personally, I void Hadleys at all costs. (I have two.) They have no place in hunting nor in competition. Get several single aperture eye cups and drill them out as needed. They are cheaper in addition to not costing you a wounded animal or a lost point on the firing line. There is no such...
  18. Brent

    How many shoot bp only?

    You say this like bp vs. metallic cartridges is an" either-or" choice. It is not. All my metallic cartridge rifle shooting is bp, except .22s (which could be). A lot of you guys are missing a heck of a lot of fun and interesting history.
  19. Brent


    What caliber is this?
  20. Brent

    Burned by USPS

    It is not your local post office's call. They have to ship long guns if that's what you want to do. They do not have the option to say no. Local offices do not make policy. Period.