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  1. J

    FOR SALE CVA Colonial pistol

    45 caliber colonial pistol.Older model.Has brown patina on barrel.Brass front sight needs filed on sidesI am selling as parts gun.Needs tang screw.Barrel is good.
  2. J

    FOR SALE CVA Colonial pistol

    45 caliber colonial pistol.This is a very early model.I am selling as a parts project gun.Needs tang screw and front sight needs filed to make thinner.Has brown patina on barrel.Bore is good.Just needs cleaned up and fitted better.$175 shipped.
  3. J

    FOR SALE Camp knife #3

    Good knife for camp use, cutting meat,or just camp duty.Has a very well built sheath.$40.00 shipped.
  4. J

    FOR SALE Sheath knife

    Handmade sheath knife with black leather sheath.I think the handles are white micarta.Great skinner or rendezvous knife.$85.00 shipped.
  5. J

    FOR SALE Heavy duty chopper

    Knife is heavy duty chopper with brown micarta handles.Comes with nice heavy leather sheath.$75.00 shipped.
  6. J

    FOR SALE Camp knife

    Old style skinner.Comes with nice custom sheath with deer antler.Blade is marked Champion quality knife.$50.00 shipped.
  7. J

    FOR SALE Camp knife

    Nice camp knife or can be used for skinning.5 7/8" blade.10 1/4" overall.Heavy duty leather sheath.$40.00 shipped.
  8. J

    FOR SALE Skinning knife with curved blade

    Old style skinning knife.Blade is 5 1/4" long, overall length 9 3/4".Comes with handmade leather sheath.$40.00 shipped.
  9. J

    FOR SALE Crown stag skinner

    For sale crown stag skinning knife.Crown stag handle,blade is 5 3/4" long,9 3/4" overall.Nice leather sheath.$75.00 shipped.
  10. J

    FOR SALE Cva colonial pistol

    Cva 45 caliber colonial pistol.This is an older pistol.Barrel is blued and looks aged.I cannot get the nipple removed.Its a good stainless nipple,I just can't get it out.Comes with ramrod.Would be a nice companion to a 45 caliber Kentucky rifle.$165.00 shipped.
  11. J

    FOR SALE Kentucky pistol parts gun

    45 caliber Kentucky flintlock pistol parts gun.Needs cleaned up.This is an old kit.Has all parts but sights and screws.The rear lock screw needs to be relocated and drilled and tapped.For whatever reason it doesn't line up.I can't find my taps so I am going to leave this up to the next...
  12. J

    SOLD Cva colonial pistol/ parts

    45 caliber cva colonial pistol parts gun.Needs cleaned up.Comes with a good stock,lock, trigger guard, trigger and barrel.Barrel needs cleaned. Can be made to shoot or as parts.$85.00 shipped.
  13. J

    FOR SALE Heavy duty Bowie knife

    Built from an Elk Ridge Bowie knife.9 3/4" stainless blade .Nice striped handle and black leather sheath.$75.00 shipped.
  14. J

    FOR SALE Liberty or death Bowie

    Stainless blade is 9 1/4" long.Nice wood handle with leather lanyard.Scabbard has attachment for frog.Heavy duty and well built custom design.$75.00 shipped.
  15. J

    FOR SALE Small skinner bag knife

    Has 4 3/4" stainless blade.Wood handle has nice stripes and brass rivets.Black leather sheath has buffalo nickel on it.$60.00 shipped
  16. J

    SOLD Russell skinning knife

    Russell skinning knife comes with leather scabbard.Blade is 8 1/4" long.$75.00 shipped.
  17. J

    FOR SALE Hand made skinner

    Hand made skinning knife.Antler crown handle.Blade is 4 3/4" long.Comes with leather case.$85.00 shipped.
  18. J

    FOR SALE Belt/bag knife

    Nice belt knife with leather case.Blade is 4 1/2" stainless.Dont know what type.Has deer crown antler handle.$45.00 shipped.