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  1. fleener

    What would you do with a Whitworth barrel?

    Rod is not working full time at the gun business. He still has his day job. Fleener
  2. fleener

    Rochester, SE MN. What's happening?

    You are close to Lake Pipin and Red Wing, MN, home of Red Wing pottery, stoneware. Fleener
  3. fleener

    Going from Swiss 2F to 1 1/2F

    Bob, just give it a try. I went the other way, switched from 1.5 to 2 a few years ago. We should get together and shoot sometime. Fleener
  4. fleener

    What would you do with a Whitworth barrel?

    If you are looking at building a English Sporting Rifle around that barrel and are looking for a lock there is at least one option. Rod England makes a very good lock that is setup for his Alex Henry style English Sporting Rifle. The pressure generated by these rifles shooting bullets takes a...
  5. fleener

    Log Cabin Rifle, A Fascinating Piece Of History

    I use Kramer best antique improver to clean up old stocks. It is not harsh. I doubt that you will get much lighter color out of the stock. You can always try it in a small spot. I have used this on quite a few originals with no ill effects and would not hesitate to use it again. Fleener
  6. fleener

    Swiss Null B Powder

    I bought some Null B last year and I can without a doubt tell the difference between that and 4F in my flinter. Fleener
  7. fleener

    Flying with your rifle

    The New Zeland guys when they fly with their target ML they use homemade cases made from plywood. I they were very nice cases and well thought out. They used screws to keep the lid on, no lock that I could see. I know they have flown to the US with these homemade cases. Fleener
  8. fleener

    Finally....have a Silver Elite coming my way!

    Good for you, never hurts to be happy. Fleener
  9. fleener

    kings mountain rifles,William%2010%20Neeley%2C%20Joseph%20%28w%29%20More%20items...%20 Terry, scroll down towards the bottom of that page, it has the men listed...
  10. fleener

    kings mountain rifles

    Terry Jack Where is the monument set at? Did they do that for all the soldiers? I have at least 3 relatives that fought in that battle as well. Thanks Fleener
  11. fleener

    SAFETY RECALL on Field & Stream safety ropes

    Hunter Safety System Reflective Treestand Lifeline by Hunter Safety System That is what I have. I bought several of these in 2018 for all my elevated stands. I really like them. Seem to be of high quality. They even have reflective material in the rope, so if you hit it with a flash...
  12. fleener

    Gibbs 451 rifle

    Like David said, the funnel just helps with dropping the powder and the 3-4 inches of brass tube, keeps it in the barrel. Your rifle will like the 500 grain bullets. I am generally on the light side of most people shooting 86 grains of swiss 2F. It is tough shooting these things at short...
  13. fleener

    is it ok to store black powder in crawlspace?

    From the ATF's website. Fleener Black powder is an explosive material for purposes of federal explosives laws and regulations. However, the law exempts from regulation commercially manufactured black powder in quantities not exceeding 50 pounds (as well as percussion caps, safety and...
  14. fleener

    is it ok to store black powder in crawlspace?

    Dry and secure. Fleener
  15. fleener

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    I was supposed to be in Ireland right now on vacation, but we all know what cancelled that. Rescheduled for April of next year. Fleener
  16. fleener

    4F Black Powder Question

    Brit When I look at your powder vs the swiss that I posted, it seems you have a larger spread of sizes within your powder. I had some Chinese powder once that was terrible for sizing, all over the place and it also had other foreign material in it. Still got a film canister full of it...
  17. fleener

    4F Black Powder Question

    Not sure why I am even reading this thread, but I did and I offer the following. All powder is swiss. My measurements of 3F is about the same size as the Brits powder that he is using. I did not even try to measure the null B powder. The swiss powder also in my mind looks very consistent...
  18. fleener

    Gibbs 451 rifle

    I used to use a funnel with a full length tube for loading. Now for several years I simply use a small plastic funnel with a 5" or so piece of brass rod on it. I also use a bore protector on my muzzle to protect it. What is your intention with this rifle? Are you wanting to just play with...
  19. fleener

    George Newton nipples

    I took my rifle with me to Friendship last week since I had to go to the NMLRA Board meeting. Mike Eder said my rifle took a 7-1mm metric thread, and he did not have any in stock. I guess I will order one from TOW. Fleener
  20. fleener

    George Newton nipples

    I might be able to tell you the size, perhaps in a week or so. I have a old english sporting rifle that needs a new nipple, it is just a tad smaller then 1/4x28 as well. I am meeting with Mike from Flintlocks LLC in a few days and he has a wide array of nipples, I think we will find the...