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  1. Bassdog1

    which powder?

    I wont say better cause I have a gun that groups better with Goex vs Swiss. Swiss in my experience has more power per volume and requires a slight adjustment in load developement. I shoot Goex, Swiss and Olde Eynsford. All three work fine as long as I work up an appropriate load for each gun. I...
  2. Bassdog1

    Do you think black powder will become scarce?

    I drive about an hour to buy powder and my answer is to keep the amount that I am allowed to have on hand legally at all times. When I use a few pounds I pick more up and rotate my stockpile in which every canister is marked with date purchased. I agree that there are several potential threats...
  3. Bassdog1

    I've returned

    Welcome back from Indiana hope to see some pics of those flintlocks.
  4. Bassdog1

    Cherokee or Senena

    I would guess your caps are not fitting the nipple properly if the cap isnt seated all the way down the first strike seats it and the second strike ignites it. I bought some new nipples recently and half of them were too big for a CCI #11 primer to seat properly.
  5. Bassdog1

    5 big fox squirrels with my crockett .32 this morning,

    Cant remember the last time I saw another squirrel hunter in my area. As soon as I get a buck and doe down in the fall squirrel hunting starts. I have a few tree stands that I can sit in and spend a couple hours and shoot a few squirrels just like I am deer hunting. After late muzzle loader...
  6. Bassdog1

    5 big fox squirrels with my crockett .32 this morning,

    A town near where I live is home to a healthy population of all black squirrels but most of central Indiana has fox squirrels with pockets of grays here and there. I really like hunting all of them but my late father preferred grays and we used to drive to southern Indiana each year to hunt a few.
  7. Bassdog1

    5 big fox squirrels with my crockett .32 this morning,

    Nice job and good shooting. I believe that hunting squirrels with a small caliber is one of the best ways there is to keep up your shooting skills. I hunt as often as possible with my 32 and 36 Senecas and Cherokees but sure wish I could hunt squirrels through the spring and summer. Went Turkey...
  8. Bassdog1

    Is muzzleloading an addiction?

    My love is for small bores and I have several. I don't know that I would call it an addiction but it is a passion of mine. Another great way to keep my mind occupied and stay outdoors as much as possible.
  9. Bassdog1

    Any Fiddle heads yet ?

    No Fiddle heads around here but Ramps are thick as fleas wish I knew someone who would eat them or something to do with them. Mushrooms are up good been out last three days and the family has really enjoyed the annual treat supplied by the woods. Me and my boys spend many hours and foot miles...
  10. Bassdog1

    TC .32 Cherokee

    Good looking rifle I have the Cherokee and Senecas both in 32 and 36 and you will love your new gun.
  11. Bassdog1

    Where to shoot?

    A couple of years ago I ran into the problem of the two conservation clubs near me always being overcrowded. I was lucky enough to find five acres for sale where there is no power for about a half mile so no neighbors and not a good place to build unless you want to spend the money to set...
  12. Bassdog1

    Buckshot for .32

    I have used some of ballistic products 1 1/2 buckshot and it shoots really well measures .310 in diameter.
  13. Bassdog1

    What powder

    I have shot Goex, and Swiss quite a bit until recently and had good experiences with both in several guns after working up appropriate loads. Goex was cheaper but Goex was cleaner and had a little more power. I started testing Goex Olde Eynsford a few weeks ago and have had excellent results. It...
  14. Bassdog1

    Thompson Center Cal 50 Kit barrels versus Thompson Center Hawken non-kit barrels.

    All Cherokees and Senecas were 13/16ths and not made in any caliber larger than 45. I am thinking it is probably a Renegade Barrel and a very good deal if the condition is as stated by the seller.
  15. Bassdog1

    Thompson Center Cal 50 Kit barrels versus Thompson Center Hawken non-kit barrels.

    Have seen several TCs that were marked TC but not Hawken or otherwise. I have Cherokees and Senecas marked and unmarked as far as model in both factory and kit guns. Cant find any rhyme or reason as to why some are marked and some are not.
  16. Bassdog1

    .40 cal Seneca

    Bobby rebored a 32 Cherokee barrel to .40 for me and it shot very well. Sold it as I am getting rid of most of my guns but was very pleased with the results. If I were you I would see if anyone has a 36 Barrel for a Seneca with a rough bore that could be re cut. Senecas were most common in 36...
  17. Bassdog1

    Thompson Center Cal 50 Kit barrels versus Thompson Center Hawken non-kit barrels.

    If its 13/16 its Seneca and should be about 27 1/2 inches long if its 15/16ths it is a Hawken barrel
  18. Bassdog1

    Thompson Center Cal 50 Kit barrels versus Thompson Center Hawken non-kit barrels.

    Many of the kit barrels came completely finished with sights installed and factory blued I have owned several and they were all excellent shooters $90 is an excellent price if it is in good condition with a clean bore.
  19. Bassdog1

    Black powder

    I had been pondering buying a full case for a while and bit the bullet and picked a case up from Deer Creek Products. Olde Eynsford has been shooting really good in my 32, 36 and 45 so I went with 20 Lbs 3F and 5 lbs 2F. When all was said and done I was under $17.00 a pound. Drove down and...
  20. Bassdog1

    question about a squirrel rifle,,,,,,,,,,,

    Been playing around with my 32 Seneca and Olde Eynsford 3f as weather permits for the last few weeks. Been trying wipe no wipe and with this gun at squirrel range taking up to 10-15 shots which is more than I would typically take during a small game hunt and cant tell a difference. Versus my 32...