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  1. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    he bought a davis colonial lock, it was a lil bigger but the frizzen fit an it sparks real good! plains on using lock on gun he's building so it worked out well.. i asked about spring fits but no reply yet.. thankyou all another happy smoothie shooter..
  2. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    Thanks All! he ordered a lock from track that according to pics looks right we'll see when it gets here! Colonial by RE Davis thanks!!
  3. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    thank you.. not my lock friend jus bought a like new smoothie an trouble with frizzen sparking an breaking flints.. tried hardening with kasenite but still not right.. looking for spare parts or replacement lock..i'll have him ck with davis maybe track has pic thank you!
  4. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    built it with siler? or replaced with siler?
  5. RC

    Centermark smooth flintlock replacement?

    anyone happen to know of an available replacement lock that fits a centermark smoothie? seems parts unavailable now... thanks!
  6. RC

    SOLD 54 cal. Great plains custom.

    very interested! pleeze let me know..
  7. RC

    ? The Original New England Rendezvous??

    one event,fort #4... new management..
  8. RC

    Edward "Bucky" Fick 4/20/19

    A man that rendezvous from over 30 years in the East,, if you attended the Original, the Northeastern or the Eastern he was prolly on the range,, always willing to help and always able top make you smile, taught me tons and learned me much about life..he will be missed..and I've been blessed to...
  9. RC

    Dream Season!

    that was excellent.... well done! good luck with the shoulder!
  10. RC

    Fowler versatility confirmed.....

    ya dun great! ain't nuthin like a smoothbore kill! well done! grats!
  11. RC

    Not liking this new format..

    if I was to change one'd be the huge white space tween the mlf banner and the " "HomeForumsIntroductions & SupportForum Announcements & Support" looks sooo empty an unfriendly,,, might jus be me,,, (not the empty an unfriendly part!) maybe bigger banner?
  12. RC

    Change of User Name

    ahhhh! I jus signed out an when signing back in my puter remembers passwords,,, it had fr1336 and my password that I used before the switch... did not realize one name now for sign in and forum... I learned! all better now! thanks Angie!
  13. RC

    Change of User Name

    angie.. i have a sign in name and an forum name.. wouldn't "rusty d" and "fuzzy sites" be same as my "fr1336" and "rc" ? jus curious.. learnin along with the others..
  14. RC

    Not liking this new format..

    you'llget it back..angie workin on them one at a time when she gets to your posty she'll fix ya up!~ be patient....:)
  15. RC

    Change of User Name

    Thank you Angie!
  16. RC

    Change of User Name

    hello.. user name RC comes up as fr1336 on forum thamk you! (couldn't find lil envelope for message.. sorry!)
  17. RC

    My first flintlock deer

    :thumbsup: Congrats! nice buck! good story.. deer huntin never be same now without a flinter lol :wink:
  18. RC

    3F or 2F

    :hmm: ask your gun... it's the only one can tell what it likes best...some guns are moody!