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    Hank Pennington(Brown Bear)

    RIP Brown Bear. You were/are my favorite on this site.
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    In the small amount of instruction I have given I have found this to be right on.
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    Musket and tomahawk, the Saratoga campaign

    What's the title? After you get further along let us know how you like it, please.
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    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    I had a lead ball behind an iron tipped rr, 50" barrel, .54,40g 3f, maybe 10th shot from a new rifle. I seldom use the rifle rr at the range except for this time. The lead got around the tip and locked it up. The forward 16"s of rod snapped off and hit target. Still makes me cringe.
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    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    Do we have any song writers around here? I for sure am not but I see a need for a little ditty starting with: Powder patch ball
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    I know about the dry ball club; but is there a no ball club?!?

    Being a member of the ram rod shooters I recommend brass tips, no steel.
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    Barrel twist for PRB

    For rb slow twist allows greater velocity. Accuracy is fine in 1 in 48.
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    Pressure Changes by Barrel Length

    At that point where projectile is just starting to move, powder is still burning, pressure and velocity climbing.
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    Pressure Changes by Barrel Length

    As BB alluded to, a chronograph works. Velocity and pressure are directly related.
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    Patched iron balls?

    This topic was up some time ago. I came away from it thinking copper would be the way to go. There is a manufacturer making them, not in very many sizes.
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    When a ball slips!

    With a proper patch and ball fit in the barrel, snug but not overly so, it doesn't matter how long the barrel is. Rate of twist being the same the air born ball will obturate the same. Sorry Brit, off topic.
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    Shot Placement

    Who told him it was gonna be easy?
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    Shot Placement

    Not where the red dot is, on the letter D.
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    Hawken peep sight help

    Are these " ghost ring " rear sights used with blade front sights?
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    When did using 3fg become so popular?

    1994 the tenth printing of the Lyman Black Powder Handbook. " Nearly equal velocities are obtained through the use of a notably lighter charge of 3f powder. We then decided to use 3f in all but .58 and .75 in our testing. 2f in .58 , .75, 12 and 20 gauge."
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    Thompson Center questions.

    Cut the spring shorter.
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    T/C New Englander trigger pull

    If my NE trigger pull gets heavy I am reminded to clean the lock. Just a little dirt in the sear plunger makes a big difference. Thanks Eric, now I have to polish a lot of trigger bars.
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    Thompson Center questions.

    Something is not allowing your rear sight from lowering further