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    The only catalogues I gett here of late, if you can call them catalogues, is from harbor freight. Been this way for a long time.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Jeez, I'm having trouble with a 50# recurve. If you can pull a 95# bow, you're a big dog in the archery world.
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    Made a new short starter.

    Junior Samples was a hoot, I liked the dog too.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Sometimes these young whippersnappers got to be shown the realities of shooting.
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    Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal with LRH +++ garage find

    I would say that you made an excellent find and purchase. Sometimes a little checking is worth the effort.
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    Help finding a gun case...

    I ordered two Unique cases five days ago. They are scheduled to be delivered today. $101.00 for the two of them. I ordered them because of what I read on this board.
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    Another .32 Crockett Thread

    I've had a Crockett for about a year and I like the way it shoots a prb with 20 grn of 3f. My only problem with it is the real small balls. I've got some troublesome arthritis in my right hand fingers and some of the dexterity is lacking making it hard to get ahold of the smaller balls. A...
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    Naming guns; Pet names for them. I had a .45 cal. flintlock back in the mid-1970's...

    Mine are all named after their calibers. My fifty cal, or my 54 cal, on down the line. That way I don't forget their names. I'm terrible with names but I can remember guns, and faces.
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    um, kinda new, more of a retread

    Being a retread you better be real careful. I too am a retread, was out of the BP scene for over thirty years. I had two rifles but rarely shot them. Started shooting them about two years ago, and now I have a double barrel 20 ga. percussion shotgun, a .45 cal percussion Kentucky pistol, two...
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    .45 vs .50 vs .54

    For my preference the .54 would be the caliber for large game. For plinking I just use 50 gns 3f and it does right well. For a hunting load you'd have to work that up. If you ever got a wild hair and wanted a squirrel or a rabbit gun the .36 or .32 would be adequate.
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    San Diego?

    I was born in El Cajon and lived off and on in Cal. til I was 18 years old. In the 50's it was a great place for a kid to be, out on Kearny mesa with a rifle. Nowadays I think Kearny mesa is a giant neighborhood. The politics of the state keep me from even visiting anymore. I am always...
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    Draw hunts!

    All the so called big game hunts in Az. are draw hunts. I haven't been very successful for the last several years.
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    When you have a beautiful muzzleloader....

    A gun, like me, with scars and scratches shows productive use and sometimes some rough handling. I look at it sorta like kin. I hope it's from use and not abuse, as has sometime been my history. Scratches, dents, dings, all show a history of some sort.
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    What with the educational system that we have now I'm surprised that they teach any US history at all.
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    Spit patching while wearing a mask

    I don't have the virus so I can see no reason to wear a face diaper which is uncomfortable and makes me look dumb.
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    Wooden utensles

    I carve spoons and such and use a mineral oil I got at mao mart. Says it's for bamboo and other woods. Works well.
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    Black bandits

    I always thought that to say someone was eating crow was a statement of detriment.
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    What to Read during Social Isolation?

    Broke out my old copy of the "Spoon River Anthology." An interesting read.
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    is .54 recoil notably worse than .50?

    Loyalist Dave hit on it. Weight of gun, powder charge, mass of ball or bullet, do all have an effect on recoil. I too think that recoil is perceived by the shooter as heavy or light depending on his ability to tolerate it. What I deem light recoil has been complained about by other shooters...
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    Spit patching while wearing a mask

    The mask protects one from nothing but his own fears. They will not protect from a virus, which is a very small item. If one can smell through a mask it is useless. For me they would be an inconvenience. Facts soon will show the county has been duped.