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    SOLD Snake Eyes .36 derringer

    CMC Snake Eyes .36 derringer. Works good. $100 shipped
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    FOR SALE New Orleans Ace .44

    New Orleans Ace .44 pistol in good condition. CMC manufacturing. $100 shipped
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    CLOSED Thompson Center Hawken stock

    I'm looking for a TC Hawken stock, complete with hardware. Condition of the wood isn't real important.
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    CMC pistols history

    I'm hoping that someone more informed can tell me which company was called CMC, I'm assuming back in the 60's to 70's? I picked up a New Orleans Ace and a Snake Eyes pistols. I know that classic firearms now sells the kits. I also know that at one time, Colt LLC had changed their name to CMC. I...
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    SOLD TC Hawken stock $200

    A pretty nice, complete TC Hawken stock with all the hardware, including the lock and set triggers. Some nice figure in the wood. Brass looks pretty clean. There was a sling screw in the stock, which now has a brass rod in its place. It can be seen in the pictures. There are a few marks in the...
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    SOLD CVA .50 cal Mountain rifle

    A nice rifle with a good bore. There are no markings on the barrel except .50, so I'm not sure if it's the original CVA barrel or not. It is 1:66 roundball twist and shoots pretty good with .490 balls and .018 patch. I've shot 50g ffg and 60g ffg and it shoots pretty good there. It opened up a...
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    SOLD .45 Matt Avance Southern Mountain flintlock

    This rifle is 2yrs young and shot about 75 times. Excellent bore. It was ordered with upgraded Chambers lock and super premium wood upgrade. The pan is tight to the barrel and I haven't gotten any crud in there to date. Has a Colerain RBR barrel. It is my first flintlock, I love to shoot it, but...
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli .45 frontier percussion . $525 shipped

    Pedersoli .45 frontier rifle. Shoots great, but I've switched to flintlock! Bore is in good condition. Small chip in the wood above the tip of the ramrod. $525 shipped.
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    A Quick builder's question...

    Hey, Is there a particular reason why lock screws are left proud (no recessed)? Curious because I'm getting ready to work on a percussion.
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    WANTED Trade Longbow for Muzzleloader

    I have a very nice Great Plains Cazador longbow, back quiver, and arrows I'd like to trade for a muzzleloader. This beautiful bow is 64" AMO and 54# @ 28". I also have a very nice soft back quiver that holds the arrow nicely and has beaver fur around the opening. I have a number of arrows that I...
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    Who Shoots .40 cal?

    I just built an underhammer rifle in .40 cal (H&A style), and am interested in hearing from those who shoot that caliber. I've only shot .54 to this point. I have a 42" Colerain swamped barrel in 1:48 twist. I almost went with a Green River 36" 1:66 twist, but really like the swamped barrels...
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    Too Much Powder ?

    I'm no wanting to start any arguments. I know there is a lot of indepent thoughts on whether or not you can have "unburnt power" if you load too much in a muzzleloader barrel. The following words are from a premier black powder rifle barrel manufacturing company, Colerain. Just something to...
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    gun-stock blanks

    I picked these blanks up of craigslist today, in hopes of someday building a couple of rifles. I have a couple of questions, as I'm not really a woodworker... 1. I'm pretty sure one is walnut (the bottom blank), but what is the rest of the wood? 2. One blank has a side-bend to it. It's a fairly...
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    Gun-stock wood

    I just bought four gun-stock blanks of local craigslist, but have a couple of questions: 1. I'm not an experienced wood worker and am not sure of the types of wood that these are. 2. One (the fanciest one) has a bend, but it's pretty thick. Could I cut a piece straight through and not worry...
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    Seeking stock advice

    I'm getting ready to start a underhammer rifle build. I have a deer creek receiver, .54 colrain "C" weight 42" barrel and a piece of wood. I had made a sample stock out of styrofoam, and then was able to get a tracing of a stock from gmmw (a member here). I've never made a stock. The wood I have...
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    Dangerous Surprise!

    Wow! A little while back I bought a couple of older, poor shape powder horns to practice working with. I took the plugs out and checked and there was no powder (I didn't expect to find any). One of the horns was cracked and I decided to take it apart and see about repairing it. The other one I...
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    H&A underhammer stock

    Does anyone have the typical dimensions of a H&A underhammer's butt-stock?
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    "Old" brass flask spout

    I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of any place that sells odd-sized brass powder flask spouts? I have what appears to be an older powder flask (no markings, plain design) that is without the spout. My calipers measure the opening at about .575". I have not been able to find a spout for it...
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    lubed patch container?

    I was wondering what kind of variations people use to carry their lubed patches?
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    wedge puller?

    Has anyone made any homemade wedge pullers? How did they work for you?