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    Ruger Old Army vs Remington 1858

    I used to shoot cowboy with an FBI agent who always used 40 grains FFFg in his ROAs. His theory was, that since he shot guns "for a living", he didn't want to get used to light loads. He always hit the pistol targets, but I have no idea about his groups. If that's not enough powder for you...
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    WANTED Uberti ss 1858 .44 ex cylinder

    $145 + shipping. These are good folks to deal with. --Dawg
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    SOLD Ruger Old Army Stainless 7.5” barrel with adjustable sights

    I'd like to purchase this please. Thanks --Dawg
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    SOLD Ruger Old Army for sale

    Good Afternoon: Is the price $350 or $450? If it is $350, I will take it. Thanks. --Dawg
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    CLOSED WTB Beater Ruger Old Army (Ohio)

    Atticus69: Sounds wonderful, but it's out of my price range. Thanks --Dawg
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    CLOSED WTB Beater Ruger Old Army (Ohio)

    Title sez it all. Looking for a ROA in any condition. Shipping is to 44118. Thanks --Dawg
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    SOLD Pedersoli 12 Gauge Side x Side Percussion For Sale (Ohio)

    A Pedersoli 12 Gauge Percussion side x side shotgun. 28-inch blued barrels. Bore light showed the barrels to be clean and in good condition. Bluing is good with wear at the muzzles and around the nipples, and a few scratches and rubs here-and-there. No dents or dings or major issues. Marked “KGI...
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    WANTED Flintlock Smoothbore

    Good Evening: I'll take pictures and give you a description tomorrow. By the way, will I be able to ship this to Ontario? I didn't notice before, but shipping will be extra, because it's going to Canada. I'll absorb some of it, buy not all. Sorry I did not notice it before. Thanks --Dawg
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    WANTED Flintlock Smoothbore

    I have a .58 Northstar West trade gun for $1100 shipped if you're interested. Let me know Thanks --Dawg
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    WANTED Pedersoli Indian Trade Musket

    Howdy: Don't have a Pedersoli, but I have a .58 Caliber Northstar West Trade Gun for $1100, delivered to your door next week (We're going from Cleveland to Minneapolis, and go right thru LaPorte. PM me if you are interested. Thanks --Dawg
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    SOLD 2 Uncle Mike's Hot Shot Nipples CVA Replacement #2842, 6-1 mm Thread (Ohio)

    Read this copy of Mako's percussion cap primer -- Not all caps are created the same. Saying they are "#11" does