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  1. Turtle Dave

    Breech plug

    Another issue I think The Kentucky flintlock have seems to have a recessed breech face Is this right or my poor eyesight and imagination? If it is recessed,how do I clean it Obviously this shows how much of a newbie I am Again, thanks for all the help
  2. Turtle Dave

    Set trigger

    Hi fellas I read the other day about a single set trigger for a pedersoli Kentucky pistol. I have one and would like to get a set trigger Anyone have suggestions on which trigger would work in my pistol Thanks for the help
  3. Turtle Dave

    Angie, please change my name

    Hi Angie. could you change my name from Dave of Cary to Turtle Dave Thanks for the help.
  4. Turtle Dave

    In praise of olive oil

    About 4 or 5 weeks ago when I asked about patches and lubes olive oil was mentioned. I tried it for the last 2 weeks and am totally sold on it. the patched balls went down the barrel easily and smoothly time after time. I hardly had to swab between shots. And when I did the fowling was easily...
  5. Turtle Dave

    what patch lube are you using ?

    I'm trying out some patch lubes. I'm curious what recommendations any one has for lubes. I am interested in trying olive oil. I remember, I think, somene using it. Do you put it on just before loading the rifle, or earlier and letting it dry? Thanks for the help. As you can tell, I'm new to...
  6. Turtle Dave

    help with cleaning and patch size

    Hello everyone: I have a TVM kit southern rifle,45 cal.,36inch straight colerain barrel. I just spent the day shooting and making every mistake possible, It was a learning experience par none. I have some questions that are really basic. I cleaned the rifle by filling the barrel with...
  7. Turtle Dave

    Hello to all

    Hello to all in the forum. I live about 40 miles NW of Chicago. I'm brand new to flintLock shooting. Back in my youth, I used to be a civil war reinactor For a brief time. I am going to need a lot of advice and help.