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  1. Nessmuck56

    Ahhhh....the good ol Days !!

    Just found this in the basement......must be from the 80’s..... cheap back then !
  2. Nessmuck56

    Any Fiddle heads yet ?’s about that time....been looking but no luck yet....might have to put on a mask,and go to the grocery store.
  3. Nessmuck56

    WANTED ...Ball Snake 62 cal

    Looking for a copy of length of 7 1/2 inches from tip to tail ( with the plug in ) and also has to hold 20 balls .62 cal. Let me know what yah got.
  4. Nessmuck56

    Wool Blanket Question ?

    Just wondering what size and weight to use with my new blanket pin. Also best place to purchase one. Thanks !
  5. Nessmuck56

    FOR SALE WTB...Leather Tinder / fire starter pouch

    looking to see what’s out there for a leather pouch...for carrying tinder/flint and steel, and charred punkwood. Thanks
  6. Nessmuck56

    Best place to buy Tow ?

    just wondering where you folks get your tow. If I remember ...a few years ago,someone on this forum gave me an address of a women That sells tow ? Thanks for any help
  7. Nessmuck56

    Rear sight on a Tulle....yes or No ? Thanks

    trying to make up my mind. Those of Youns that have a rear sight on your Smoothbore.....does it help ? Thanks
  8. Nessmuck56

    Looking for Tow !

    wondering who you guys get your tow from ? Also looking for a good size piece of flint for fire making too. Thanks for any help.
  9. Nessmuck56

    Did some cooking today ...

    Making up my first Evah batch of Charred Punk wood. Been a char cloth guy for ovah 35 years. It came out great...and takes a spark like crazy ! All set now for campfires for the season.
  10. Nessmuck56

    New Horn and bag ...coming in the mail !

    Got a Sibley Horn and Bag coming in the mail.After shooting black powder since 1980 ...this will be my first horn and bag go with my .62. Cal Tulle....can’t wait to get it in my hands.
  11. Nessmuck56

    Just weighed my .62 cal Tulle de Chasse

    .62 cal 42 “ Getz 8.3 lbs. Was just wondering if that was correct for this style....What’s your Tulle weigh ?? Thanks for any input
  12. Nessmuck56

    Bare ball shooting

    Question....when going the bare ball route in a .62 cal Smoothy...the ball should be the largest diameter one,,,that you can push down the barrel ...Correct ? Right now Iam running a .600 ball with .010 patch. I want to go bare ball ...and figured a .610 ball might work...What do you think ?? Thanks
  13. Nessmuck56

    New Format ?

    Been a wee bit since I been I go to the back of the line ? Can’t post on some threads ? What’s that all About ?
  14. Nessmuck56

    Plated Lead Shot ?

    Can I use plated lead shot..copper / nickel in my 20 Bore Smooth Bore for a Turkey load ? Will plated lead harm the barrel ? Thanks
  15. Nessmuck56

    #4 shot Question..

    Iam looking to finally load my 62 Tulle as a shot gun. Looking for a turkey load. I assume #4 shot will be in play here. I went to both of my local gun stores...and they did not stock it. What brand are you guys using ..and where is the best place to buy it ? Thanks for any info.
  16. Nessmuck56

    Need Possibles Bag Ideas ..

    Am looking to get my first possibles bag ...needs to have a belt bag. Just wondering what's out to the period correct stuff..but been shooting BP since 1980. So need to get the whole get up..horn ,primer for pan..possibles bag and such. Any pics of your stuff would be...
  17. Nessmuck56

    Sprue up .....or....Sprue down .????

    I have always loaded my rifles ...Sprue up.....just read some article about loading a smoothy ,with the Sprue down...What say you .??? Ever notice a diff in accuracy ,with Sprue down ,in a smoothy ??
  18. Nessmuck56

    Where to buy tow ?

    Saw a thread ...where some women down south was selling bags of tow.....anyone have a phone number or address ?? Thanks !!!
  19. Nessmuck56

    Your best load at 50 yards

    Do you folks use the same charge at 25 and 50 yards....or do you find you need a stiffer charge to get a tighter group at 50. Iam shooting a 62 cal Tulle.....65 grains FFF at 25 works good....not so good at 50....but it could be the trigger man . Been loading 65 grains,card,felt pad,.010 patch...
  20. Nessmuck56

    58 cal Zouave question

    I shoot a 525 grain Minnie out of my 58 cal question....I would like to hunt white tail with it this year and was wondering if putting a wad of flax tow over the bullet to keep it firmly seated ....would that work ,and not effect accuracy ? Thanks