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    Tuning Open Top Replicas

    Where did you get the taller front sight? Are they screw in type or dovetail?
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    1860 vs 1851 Issues

    This is what works for me: take an Arkansas sharpening stone, or something similar, and polish the hammer where it contacts the caps until it shines. If the hammer has the safety slot that fits over the pins, take a small file, and knock off the sharp edges, especially at the bottom of the...
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    like to identify an percussion shotgun made in jodhpur india

    I have one also, I think it is a real quality shotgun. Only bad thing is it is a little heavy for walking in the woods all day.
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    Triple 777 shooting and cleaning experiance needed please

    I use it in my revolvers, no problems. This is to conserve my real black powder for my rifles. No place to buy the real stuff here in north Texas.
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    Schneider & Glassick

    I have ab FIE version, .36 caliber, gun show find. Glad that I have read about these, or I would have passed on it.
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    CVA Colonial Pistol

    Went back, it sold yesterday at $60, today was half price day. Did not have $60 on me yesterday. Have a Kentucky and Mountain pistol, but seldom see a Colonial around my parts.
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    CVA Colonial Pistol

    Thanks, checked Deer creek, out of trigger guards. Think I will go get it. Probably will find any parts needed as time goes by.
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    CVA Colonial Pistol

    Saw a kit at an estate sale today. A few things may be missing. Did not see a trigger guard though. Would the Kentucky pistol guard maybe interchangeable? Could get it for $30 tomorrow, but not sure if I could find any missing parts as needed. Had the barrel, nipple, lock, side plate, stock, and...
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    colt patersons on the southern plains

    I am reading a book titled " My Sixty Years on the Plains" by William Thomas Hamilton. He was a mountain man trapping with Bill Williams. While this book is not about the southern plains, he talks about the trappers he was with having Colt revolvers . One chapter gives the year as 1843, And he...
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    Rollin' My Own.......

    I use tea bags, go off every time, no need to nitrate, and so far no residue in the chambers.
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    Squirrel loads

    Soon to go hunting with my new to me double barrel 12. What size shot and shot to powder ratios do you like to use when hunting the* chicken of the trees*?
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    Shotgun short starter

    Just bought a like new 12 gauge Pedersoli. No choke tubes. One barrel is really snug when checking the barrels for cardboard wad fit. Do not see any markings on the barrel referring to choke size. Does anyone have to use a short starter on their shotguns?
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    Griswold Frame Stretch?

    Is there a way to fix a hammered ring? I bought a G and G, for real cheep, with this issue. Thought I could fix it somehow, but could not come up with any ideas.
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    1858 Remmy Shortie

    Thanks, but I was referring to the picture of the brass revolver. Handled one at the local pawn shop. Identical to the picture. You could pull out the cylinder pin real easy. Not sure how the pin would stay in place under recoil.
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    1858 Remmy Shortie

    I saw a brasser snubbie just like that. I passed because I was not sure how the cylinder pin would stay in place when fired. Am I missing out on something, because otherwise I would have bought it?
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    Paper Cartridge Dangers?

    I have good luck using tea bags, so far, no residue.
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    Stuck nipple

    I tried every trick mentioned here on a stuck musket nipple. I bought a needle nose vice grip, and with my old plumber's torch, finally got it out. Ruined the shoulder on the nipple, but good excuse to buy a new one.
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    river cane measure

    I also use them to hold a pre-measured charge, with a cork stopper. Carry 4 when deer or turkey hunting. Leaving the horn at home. Not sure if H/C, but works for me.
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    Pistol to go with a rifle

    I picked up a .32 smoothbore flinter ay a gun show. Made in Spain. I have no idea who made it. Would post pictures, but am PC challenged. Never shoot it because the hammer points at the frizzen, not the pan. Knowing this, bought cheap, but this is another story.
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    1860bolt issue

    With the cylinder removed, the bolt will not drop down when the hammer goes to half cock. I have to manually push the bolt down when pulling the hammer to half cock. Then, I replaced the cylinder and barrel. Works fine now. Will just have to do it again on cleaning. As Arcticap said, could just...