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    How much longer til deer season ?????

    Some of my backyard bucks in velvet at the water pail:
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    Square Shooting Patches

    Since there always seems to be a lot of threads about round vs. square patches, for what its worth I started out with store bought round patches years ago, and have now used square patches for a number of years in various calibers & gauges...simple / quick to make, 100% reliable. Picked these up...
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    Final range tune-up for Turkey season today

    Fifth and final range tune-up session today...about as ready as I can be for Saturday's opener. PS: As you see in the target I missed one...and if that happens during the season, of course it'll be a world record 10 year old bird with 5" spurs and quadruple paint-brush beards dragging in the...
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    What's all this talk about Turkey Hunting ???

    LOL.....finally hit the 2 week mark so it won't be long now...and got all the major projects and to-do's done so there won't be anything nagging at me. After being laid up December/January/half of February from darn near breaking my foot Thanksgiving week, I finally got out to the range...
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    Only 28 Days to Turkey opener here!

    Hoping to repeat last spring’s hunt with a PRB out of my .54cal Early Virginia Smoothbore.
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    2014 NC Deer Season Results

    My 2014 North Carolina Deer season was a good one until it got unexpectedly stopped short Thanksgiving week due to a foot injury. 1) November Fall colors and cool weather were beautiful as usual. I also saw the biggest buck of my lifetime moving slowly through thick trees about 50-60 yards...
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    A different twist for 2015 hunting

    As the birthdays just seem to keep coming, and I had already accumulated more Flintlocks than I was using, I decided it was time to thin the herd a bit and moved out a couple of Flintlocks. The .40cal Late Lancaster and the .58cal Early Virginia now have new homes. I still have a beautiful...
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    What are the Deer doing under this right now ?

    12/03/14 91% Full Moon Canon FDn 400/4.5, Sony NEX-7, Daylight WB, Vivid, ISO200, F11, 1/125 TOP HALF BOTTOM HALF
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    Turkey Season Opener

    Countdown Timer: Going after them again with my TVM Early Virginia 28ga smooth rifle using a PRB...hoping to catch it on video and see if it'll possibly show up through the smoke:
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    Lucky for 3 successful hunts so far because... Flintlocks are sidelined for the moment. Took a bad fall coming out of the woods through a wet / muddy / slippery swamp Friday night. Jammed my right foot down into a hole and major hyper-extended the front half of my right foot. All my weight on the toes bent up back towards the instep...
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    Took a decent Doe before dark today, .58cal Early Virginia

    11/25/14 Doe at 45 yards .58cal Early Virginia Flintlock 100grns Goex 2F OxYoke OP wad .028” Pillow Ticking / NL1000 Hornady .570” 100% lead ball Shot into the front point of her right shoulder, took out the vertebrae, dropped in her tracks. No ball recovered as it made a complete...
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    Good sized Doe late afternoon - .58cal Early Virginia

    11/18/14 ”“ 30 minutes before dark Big healthy Doe .58cal Early Virginia Flintlock 100grns Goex 2F OxYoke OP wad .028” Pillow Ticking / NL1000 Hornady .570” 100% lead ball Blind overlooks an exit trail from a dense pine thicket about 75yds away. Deer occasionally come out of that thicket into...
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    Tip Curtis still in business ?

    Is Tip Curtis still in business ?
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    Lots of Acorns + Doe in Heat + .58cal Early Virginia =7 Pointer

    I’ve never seen such a heavy acorn crop in the Oak flat where I’ve hunted the past 20 years. They normally fall September through mid-October and are all gone by the end of October. But here it is, already a week into November and the ground is still heavily littered with them. Does will...
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    Counting the days...
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    28ga Early Virginia came home clean but Nature Never Disappoints

    So up at 4:15, and after being in place a couple hours, I had a good sandwich, a big cup of hot soup, and like a hammer the fatigue hits me”¦can’t hold my eyes open”¦decided I’d just “rest them” for 30 seconds. When I opened them 10 minutes later, this is what was staring at me. My heart rate...
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    28ga Early Virginia did not speak this AM...BUT:

    Nature never disappoints”¦Doe and 2 yearlings stepped into camera view while I was out turkey hunting with my Flintlock this morning. Decoys are 25 yards away, deer stepped out at 75 yards, then came closer. Something kept bothering them as they kept looking towards the road about 150-200...
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    28ga Early Virginia spoke at 6:40am today

    04/12/14-Fantastic opening day”¦got settled in a place by first gray light where I knew turkeys hung out every year”¦gently touched a few soft yelps on the box call”¦and was immediately surprised by a loud gobble right out behind me 20-30 yards”¦guessing, was very close. Waited a couple seconds...
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    "I'm cold, I'm wet, I smell birdseed...I ain't waitin' for dark"

    Yesterday afternoon in my back yard...and I get up in the cold dark at 4:30am, drive 30 miles, and go hunt through the woods hoping to see one, LOL......two photos: -------------------- I FOUND THE BIRDSEED !! HEY”¦THERE’S BIRDSEED OVER HERE TOO !!
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    Reminder & info ref: tick prevention in spring / summer outings With spring Turkey fast approaching, a friendly reminder about ticks, and maybe some good info for those who may not be aware. I haven’t had a tick on me or my gear in the several years since I started using Permethrin...using a heavy soaking of a strong...