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    Carrying C&B Supplies Historically?

    I can find no hard data on how much ammo an officer would carry. In the desperate fight on Little Round Tops in the battle of Gettysburg, officers must have fired MANY rounds, that scrap went on for hours, even the soldiers ran out of ammo and scavenged more from the dead and wounded of both...
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    Le Page on it's Way!

    I got a ,33 Siber by HEGE, [I think it was made for them by Pedersoli.] It is beautifully accurate. I was delighted to beat 4 RCMP officers on the range recently, and may have made a couple of BP converts! I bought it from a gun-shop in the BC interior for about !/8th the list price.
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    Lube wads, over ball lube,lube cookie

    Thank you Enfieldguy, I will do that!
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    Tingle Model 1960

    I bought a Tingle pistol about 1960, a .40 cal ball just rattled down, I had to go to a .42 ball and then got beautiful accuracy. I also finished off a wounded moose with a lubed .429 44 Special bullet ahead of 40 grains of FFFG. Shot a lot of gophers with it, one out at 80 yards. Traded it to a...
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    Lube wads, over ball lube,lube cookie

    Chain fire seldom if ever occurs at the cylinder mouth. It happens when you use too large a cap and pinch it or NO cap, across the nipples. My first BP revolver was an original Navy .36,the nipples were burnt out to near 1/8". Didn't know my butt from page four, so I used the load Elmer Keith...
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    New greybeard

    Thank you , I used to live in Toronto and shoot at the Ticonderoga and Saratoga meets. I still miss that.
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    BC bloke

    Not any more Amigo! Where are you?
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    Building a Late Flint English Rifle

    Your work wold stand with any 1700 London work.The only piece I have seen that would equal it was by my dear friend, the late George Wortner of Chatham, Ontario who built a Manton copy.John Cark of Tottenhan also did some nice work on English-style rifles. Well done Sir!
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    Meet Mr. Hoots

    Nice work! Beautiful piece of wood, patch-box arrangement shines!
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    New greybeard

    Greetings from British Columbia
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    Muzzle Loading Arms and Pioneer Crafts Show in Monroe, WA March 8 &9, 2008

    I second JCW's review. Prices are a pain everywhere, I found them no worse and in a few cases better in Monroe, and if you need something that has to do with BP,your chances of finding it are better even than at Friendship.
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    Howdy, from the Great White North!

    Hi troops,my name is Derek, I,m a genuine greybeard, went to Friendship for the first time in '63, but I lived in Toronto then, I live in BC now and have'nt been to the Nationals in 34 years. I've built 5 long guns, an English fowler'2 Kentuckies, a half-stocked .32 percussion and a...