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    Long, long barrels

    Occasionally I will see pictures of a contemporary build in which the barrel is 50" or more in length. Can anyone on this site provide me with some contact information for a person who makes these long barrels? :wink:
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    Brass Bore Gauge Question

    I bought 5 lbs. of Olde Eynsford powder today from a local shop. While I was in the shop I saw several beautiful, original, S/S percussion shotguns that the shop keeper had bought at an estate sale. Obviously these were safe queens and had been so for a long, long time. One of the guns was...
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    Recommended Arbor Grease

    Does anyone have a super whamperdyne type of grease that they would recommend for the arbor of their six gun?
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    Nock fowler

    I stopped by a local pawn shop yesterday and saw that they had a "16 gage fowler" for sale (percussion). It had a little tasteful engraving on it and was marked "Nock" and "London" and had a brass butt plate. The barrel was about 36" long, octagon to round, and pinned. I couldn't...
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    Research Library

    Fellows I would like to build a book collection, for my doing my own research, on American and Western European firearms from about 1650 - 1850. I want this to include, but not be limited to, makers, maker's marks, gunsmiths, styles, schools, military, non-military, etc. I would be sincerly...
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    ACW ammunition question

    Was it a common or accepted practice to use .577 ammunition in 58 caliber Springfields? What of the reverse; was it a common or accepted practice to use 58 caliber ammunition in British Enfields during the ACW?
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    Buck n' ball moulds

    Does anybody currently manufacture buck n' ball moulds in say 69 caliber or 12 gage?
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    Mowery cleanout screw

    I have recently acquired a 12 gauge Mowery shotgun that needs some TLC. The cleanout screw, while serviceable, has a buggered up head from someone using an ill fitting screwdriver on it. Before I have to go out and spend a few bucks on a thread gauge could one of you Mowery owners please tell...
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    ROA and conical bullets

    I have slain reams of paper with my ROA and cast .457 round balls. I was thinking about getting a Lee mold and casting some .456 220gr conicals for some variety. Is the ROA and this bullet a good match? How say you?
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    Plugging GM barrel screw holes

    Greetings all: I just removed the rear sight from my Green Mountain TC drop-in replacement barrel and I wish to plug the two screw holes that are under the sight. Can anyone tell me which size screws will plug these holes? Regards, Ogre
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    Nickle vs copper plated shot performance differences?

    Nickle plated shot seems much more expensive then copper plated shot. Before I toss out my shekels for one or the other does anyone have any first hand experience using both? Does one type plating out perform the other in the field or at the patterning board or are they pretty much the same...
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    How do you repair damage to a finished maple stock?

    Gentlemen, my experience in gunstocks is limited to walnut and whatever passes for wood on Chinese made SKS rifles. I've see plenty of pictures of gorgeous curly maple stocked rifles on this site but what do you do when they receive cuts or scrapes in the field that leave white wood showing...
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    3J Tomahawk?

    Occasionaly when I attend the Rose City Collectors Gun and Knife Show in Portland, OR I will see hand forged hawks stamped 3J. Has anyone on this forum had any experience (good or bad) using one? Ogre