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    Pedersoli Kodiak Express III .58 X .58

    Hello ALL I'm a new (second-hand) owner. The gun appears to have never been fired and in almost new condition. I was searching the Internet and this Forum looking for others shooting experience, loads, bullets/balls sizes, etc. Found some good information that was posted a number of years...
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    Rawhide Lacing

    Hello ALL What's the best way to soften rawhide lacing (like boot laces) to make it more flexible ? Thanks.
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    Curious Original Italian Lock

    Hello again. Here is another new addition to my lock collection. Just received this with yesterday's mail from a collector in Portugal. How it ended up there is anyone's guess. LOL Generally referred to as a Roman lock, it has the mechanical features of this style, which never really reached...
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    Original Pre-1650 Lock Plate

    Hello All Thought I would post the latest addition to my lock collection. The seller believes this lock to be from about the second quarter of the 17th Century. And I tend to agree with his opinion. Possibly, the very early 3rd Quarter. And I believe it's origin to be English. It's about...
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    2020 Baltimore Antique Arms Show - Cancelled

    Just for your info.
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    Barrel Band Springs

    Is there a good method to remove barrel band SPRINGS from various muskets ? Thanks for any advise. Rick
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    SOLD 17th C Musket

    17th Century English Fishtail style musket. I thought this gun was a bit of a novelty with the lock and bought it to clean up for a shooter. But that's been a year and a half now and never got around to it. Too many other gun projects. And, I have a Leonard Day Fishtail to shoot anyway. Here...
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    SOLD Scottish Pistol

    Italian made copy marked: Hopkins & Allen. Suppose this might be from the 1970's (?) Looks like the Navy Arms pistol. When I received it the brass had been darkened with probably Brass Black. But it looks good. The lock is in working order. The bore mics out to about .68 caliber. The...
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    Swedish Snaplock Musket

    Hello All. And happy Memorial weekend. Well, it's taken 4+ years but the project is finally finished. For those interested in the back story, here is a Link from the Forum: Gun: 1600 Swedish Snaplock, from TRS...
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    Firearms Shipping

    I just heard that FED-X has a recent new policy to not accept any weapons for shipment, including antiques and swords. I'm assuming this is for overseas. Have not been able to confirm this yet. JFYI
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    Funny/Sad Vidio

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this....... Rick
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    Forum for Sharps Percussion Rifle

    Merry Christmas ALL. About 98% of all my shooting is done with muzzle loaders. But I recently won at auction a never fired Pedersoli 1859 Berdan Sharps Infantry Rifle. Just threw out a low-ball price and somehow won it. LOL It is a percussion rifle. But a breech loader. So I thought I...
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    The Rifle Shoppe

    Just a heads-up for those interested. Just received a lock kit from TRS. Only took about 3/4 weeks. But they mentioned that ASSEMBLED locks are currently running a year for delivery !! JFYI I often wish their was a Listing of some sort as to who can assemble, repair, make parts for locks -...
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    New Bag and Horn

    Hello All. I've been wanting a bag and horn that seemed to look right with the Mid-17th Century guns, in my imagination. Not trying to duplicate any known original pieces. Just something a bit different in design. Anyway, here is what I ended up with.......... BAG: Made by James Rogers. He...
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    Two Locks for Viewing

    A couple more early X-Mas presants. Two new additions to my lock collection. Both of these detached locks would be difficult to locate. So I feel fortunate to have them. Just thought you all would like to see them. The first one is Pattern 1752 Spanish Military pistol lock. Complete and...
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    Core Removal from Horns

    Hello All Here are a pair of goat horns I want to send out for a project I have in mind. But first they need the cores removed. Is there an easy way to do this ? Or do any of you guys know someone who can ? Thanks for any help. Rick
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    Spanish Long Gun Finished

    Hello All. Hot off the bench (but not my bench LOL). Thought I would add something to the Forum with a bit of Spanish influence not often seen. I've been thinking about this gun for 2/3 years now. And finally had the idea put to metal and wood. Not a copy of any paticular original. Just...
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    Just Testing Again

    Just testing........
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    Past Topics Started

    Hi Angie. The old Forum use to have a way to pull up "Topics I Started" only. Not all posts. Can this be done on the new system ? Thanks, Rick.
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    Black Powder Substitute Question ?

    Hello All. Happy Thanksgiving !!! I have a small quantity of Clean Shot substitute from years ago. It's been kept in a metal box in a climate controlled room. I just used this substitute for shooting C&B revolvers as I could shoot many rounds before cleaning. At some point in the past Clean...