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    4F Black Powder Question

    I strongly appreciate the efforts of everyone who is posting on this particular topic. I find these posts to be extremely informative and a delight to read.
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    What group size makes you happy?

    Group size? As long as they are 6' apart it doesn't matter to me.
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    Non-toxic garden defense

    Deleted: off smoothbore topic. PM sent.
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    Rust stopping oil

    If this was my rifle I would take measures to kill the rust. 1st I would thoroughly scrub, clean and dry the barrel. Then I would tape the outside of the barrel so that no moisture could touch it. I would seal the nipple channel with a nipple that I had sacrificed, by crushing it's cap end...
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    Help with barrel marking

    They may have a decorative function now but I believe that they started out as hex marks. The purpose of a hex mark was to remove any curse off of the spinning ball as it left the muzzle to allow it to fly true.
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    Army Rig?

    True that.
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    Offhand Practice

    Daniel Webster?
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    I would love to have a Kibler kit in 40 calibre but I too feel I need a 15" - 15 1/2" LOP. :(
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    Boiled Chicken Feet

    "If its back faces heaven it is food." (Chinese proverb)
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    Load suggestions for my 54 caliber flintlock

    I am surprised to read this. When I pour an alloy into a mold the balls that it drops are slightly larger than pure lead balls from the same mold.
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    Cased Big Bang Dragoons

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    Grease Hole Filling?

    Especially when you fill it with peanut butter to attract them.
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    Larger bore fowler

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    Rebuilding a Mendi Wheellock

    I can't get enough of this, friend. It is really good stuff!
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    What's for supper

    And you can have them, friend. Just the thought of lima beans gives me the dry heaves. :barf:
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    Castlerock Museum Firearms

    Thanks for a great post!
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    Flintlock guns with no vent liners

    5/65" So, that is a number 48 drill bit then?
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    Pure lead or Alloy in rifles

    Many people in this forum, myself included, and other forums have talked about using pure lead. Is it really pure lead or is it so soft that, in your opinion, it MUST be pure lead? How do you know what its composition really is? ASTM B29 spec. for pure lead is 99.94% pb minimum. ASTM B29...
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    Naval Cannons

    81% casualties on Redoutable. 81%! Yes. I'd say they were hit pretty hard.