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    Leonard day

    Hi not here much but wonder if any know if hes still around or is someone took over his gun making We had startered a fishtail fowler 4+ years ago and we lost contact
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    Leonard day

    Anyone have any contact info or know if someone making fishtail doglock rifle he made He and i had a biuld started and been 3 or more years im sure we lost each other contact info
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    Leonard day gunsmith

    Folks a couple years ago Sent Mr day Funds to biuld a gun My job took me away for awhile then I was in hospital then gone Just wondering if he was still around as I never heard from him and over time lost his contact info Thanks for any help
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    powder flask

    I see lots of horns but realy want powder flask that would been used english civil war or the colonies
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    32 cal flnt long rifle

    Like find a small caliber long rifle and yes i have read posts on this here I was thinking 32 cal but have found any for sale unsure why 36and 40s i found Is this caliber not common in custom gun world? So i guess i asking for sources for one Thanks in advance
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    al hunkler or bill large info

    Hi all not sure if this right spot but looking for info on Al Hunkler Who made a long rifle im looking at witch is to have a barrel made by Bill Large but is no marked as such Gun has davis cap lock with davis set triggers in 50cal barrel is 42'' Thanks for any info anyone can share
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    davis lock question

    Looking at a long gun that has davis cap lock will this interchang with a davis flintlock barrel has a nipple drum
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    swivel gun

    Guy by any chance know or a maker for barrel and yoke
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    cannon mishap

    Today 6/15/2014 in Oren Utah a civil war reinactors at a public event fired a solute charge and an ember ignited other charges 3 kids were sent to the hospital for burns this was on the net kutv utah i don't know how add a link here I would say how the artical reads they didn't and or ignored...
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    blowing down barrel

    I shoot rock bangers and always done this as i was taught to in my thread on brass powder horns couple guys mentioned this as a bad idea? Why
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    brass powder horns

    Just wanted see if this is a possible no no Today was out shooting guy was using one of thos cva brass can style powder horns This horn ws like 3'' long had a shut off lever and a powder measurer all in one unit he was using this to load his hawken I gave him a shot gun shell told him it ws...
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    armsport garner vt 54 cal info

    Hi not sure if right place ask But i found armsport 54 cal capper in decent shape I'm not a cap shooter but it's a nice piece and wanted know Value and or any info on this piece Thanks in advance
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    fishtail fowler non indian gun

    Couple years ago i had sell my leonard day fishtail fowler search for another one to replace it Anyone here have leonard days contact info or any other source besides the indian guns Or the rifle shop Thanks in advance
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    ultra high smoothy

    Anyone have any info on ultra high japanees smooth bore flintlock saw one today made offer but it was dismissed i been trying find info so i can feel better to offer more Search funtion isnt working on my tablet
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    Up until my last order from totw i gettin 40 or more shots on a flint befor i had to nap or replace The lastest flints i've gotton lasting 10 or so - Tom fuller flints Anyone have a source for other decent flints to try Seems i having to start wiping my frizzen morecas well to get sparks
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    laural fordge finish

    Anyone used this finish and were you happy with it Also has any one used the sealer with it or just the finish
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    snaphaunce kits

    the rifle shoppe is the only place i have found kits anyone biult one recently or know of any other source like to biuld one with a fish tail stock this is my first venture in to this neck of the woods i biult two flintlocks from pre intel kits and would like snaphaunce in simular kit form...
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    litening a barrel

    i have a 36cal. i like options on how liten up the barrel two way i was thinking is the barrel is 15/16 across the flats and in 36cal would one choose to swamp this barrel if possible or bore it out bigger in to a smooth bore or turn it square to round?? the inleting is super or would you...
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    36cal load sugestions

    FOlks never had this small of bore befor usualy in my 45 cal and larger i start at 50 grains and go up 5 grains at a time to i find what a gun likes i was wondering were to start i thinking 35 grains and go up but wanted to ask what others are shooting for loads
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    32 or 36cal suggestions

    ok like to add a small bore rifle to my collection i have done some searchs here but still wanted to ask i will be shooting mainly targets with this one and if i was to biuld one witch one 32 or 36 cal in flint