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    .69 Minie Cartridge bundle

    Greetings, I am looking for a pic of an original .69 Cal Minie cartridge bundle that would have been issued to Federal troops. I know Jefferson Arsenal makes one but I am looking to create one from an original image for an illustration with a Plymouth Naval Rifle and want it to look "spot on"...
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    WANTED .69 Cal Model 1842 Rifled Musket

    I am interested in picking up a large bore rifled musket.. I am posting this wanted advert in the hope someone has a Traditions or Armi model 42 rifle, in v good to exc condition that they want to move. I have a smooth bore Armi model 42 (used in exc cond.) that I would trade.
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    WANTED .69 Cal Minie mold

    Does anyone have a .69 Cal Minie mold for sale??
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    Wilkinson Target rifle.. ??

    I have come into the possession of an English percussion rifle that is listed as a Target rifle. It is marked Wilkinson, which I understand made rifles up to 1857. Its caliber appears to be .577 and i am including some images of it. OF interest is the fact that the barrel is damascus and there...